Monday, January 04, 2010

Menu Plan Monday & Eat From the Pantry Challenge

It's great to start a new week in the New Year and make a menu plan. I've decided to rejoin "Orgjunkie" and get a serious plan. Taking the time to see what you have on hand coupled with buying a few ingredients to make a plan for the week is very freeing, and yet I don't always take the time. I like plans. I like lists. And I like order. Having said that, I'm not so sure why I often flybytheseatofmypants to make things work. I have more peace when I have a plan because that's the way God made me. He wants me to have His peace, so this is one small way to have that, so here goes.

Monday: Barbecued pork chops, roasted butternut squash, and an asparagus/parmesan puff pastry.

Tuesday: Beef Stew. Need I say more? OK, I will... zucchini bread

Wednesday: Shrimp Scampi & Salad

Thursday: Ham & Cheese paninis (or leftovers from the above nights) :-)

Friday: Penne pasta alfredo with chicken (At my birthday girl's request. Braaten is turning 12 that day)

For this week, I'll leave it at Monday through Friday, but might add the weekends in the future.


As I was stumbling through different blogs and jumping around, I ran across another idea I'd love to try.

It's called "Eating from the Pantry Challenge" hosted by both Money Saving Mom and Life As Mom.

There is only one slight problem. I just had food delivered here, which is a beautiful thing and a whole 'nother post. The food delivery that is. It was £83! The whole idea here is to use what is in your pantry, freezer, and fridge in the effort to use what you already have, saving lots of money along the way. Of course you have to plan for milk, bread, eggs, cheese, fruit and vegetables and possibly some meats. The rest should come from your abundance as it is.

My Goals: To spend £250 in January. With a family of 7, that is a savings. I know we spend a lot more, but I can't give you hard numbers because I am bad at keeping a budget at the moment. That's yet another post and I definitely have to work on that.

I'll let you know how I'm doing at this as I go along. It'll be interesting putting different ingredients together in order to use what we have, but I think it will honor my hard-working husband and God all at the same time.

Whatdaya think? Do you want to join me?


Andrea said...

I love the idea of "eating from your pantry." I can't say I have been doing it fully, but I am much more conscious of using what is here, rather than just going to the grocery store, b/c it is the day we usually go.

I love your new header!

Blessings, andrea

The Lehman's said...

Great post Carol!! Love the eating from the Pantry idea. Also, loved your Christmas present--those are beautiful. julie :)

Catherine Anne said...

Love this idea!!!! We have to do it many weeks! Blessings

He & Me + 3 said...

Once every season I do the pantry clean out. It drives my kids crazy. They always say "we have nothing to eat." Makes me so thankful for what we do have even if it isn't their favorite.

Rachel said...

You mean join you for dinner, right? Yumm!!! :)

Seriously though - I'm quite impressed with the planning that has to go into planning a whole week's worth of meals - not easy, I know!

Darcie said...

Oh my word can I come by your house every night for dinner this next week? Sounds absolutely delicious Carol!

Heart2Heart said...


I would love to join you as I could seriously eat from my pantry for quite a while and just never do. There is always a craving for something else instead of using what we have.

Love your header too! Loved learning more about life in England just last year!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

McCrakensx4 said...

That is a great idea...with the exception of our fruit, milk and bread...I try to use all of the food from my pantry and fridge before going on a big shopping trip! Good luck!
Hope you all had a nice Christmas and blessed New Year!