Tuesday, January 05, 2010

i'm not going anywhere today!

That's exactly what my hubby said when he opened our bedroom curtain this morning and saw this...

and this.

Before we both knew it, little feet and some big feet were running around the house shouting, "Austin, there is a million snow outside!" (Grant was the cutie that said that).

You could also hear, "We don't have school today!" "We don't?!" "No, we don't!" " Yesss!"

And about 20 minutes later, our kiddos were doing stuff like this outside before they even had breakfast.

Playing basketball?

No! Snow-covered basketball, of course!

2 points for Busse.

Gigantic balls of snow were made.

Fletch was in his glory in all of the white stuff.

Happy snowmen were made.

Happy, English kids that have never seen, at least in their own little town, this amount of snow played endlessly!

Sweet hubs made giant snowballs to win the snowball fight.

My sweet little guys posed like this to make me smile behind the lens.

And those giant snowballs made these gargantuan snowmen.

We then headed to the Lymm Dam, which I often talk about, but have never seen in its new beauty.

I love these duck pictures.

Shawn is always willing to pose for me blog. He likes me like that.

OK, this is VERY atypical what you are seeing right here. Do you see where all that mud is? That's generally where you'll find rabbits running around on green grass. Well maybe not at this time of year because they're hiding out, but we've seen it many times and Fletch can vouch for that. Seeing scads of people sledding, a.k.a. "sledging" as is said in these parts, is not NORMAL! There were at least a hundred people roaming around, slipping, sliding, and just having a plain old good time.

Then there was this type of thing. You know. The using-anything-you-can-find-to-get-you-from -the-top-of-the-hill-to-the-bottom kind of thing. The all important big, yellow bag.

And, of course, the styrofoam that came from Christmas somewhere under the tree in a box.
Hey, whatever works.

Totally off the subject of snow is my menu plan that is working out fabulously so far. That was Monday night's dinner. Sorry to say that I forgot all about taking photos of my stew and zucchini bread. Oops!

I wonder what Shawn will say tomorrow morning when he opens up the curtains.


He & Me + 3 said...

Wow Carol...that is alot of snow and great packing snow too. How fun. Loved all the pictures and the snow covered trees are Gorgeous with a capital G. Frame that picture. The family picture is awesome too.

Heart2Heart said...


I got so excited like a child on Christmas morning for the first time just looking at all your wonderful snow filled pictures. I can't believe just how big you made all those snowman! That is some task!

Have fun if your snowed in for another day.
Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Darcie said...

So do you not usually get snow in England? Shows how smart I am, huh? But with all those people out there sledding I couldn't help but wonder. I always think it is so fun when everyone gets a little. Glad you all had a splendid day together.

Rachel said...

That's AWESOME!!! There's no better way to get to know your neighbors...we're actually supposed to get snow on Thursday! That's all this whole state is talking about! Unfortunately, there'd have to be a miracle for us to get that much, but you're sure making me wish we would!!

Joyce said...

How fun! And your dinner looks yummy...how do you do your porkchops? I love bbq porkchops but usually do them on the grill. We have snow on the grill at the moment so I won't be doing that for a while.

Enjoy your play day and aren't you glad you had those groceries delivered? I was all set to make dinner and realized I was missing one key ingredient so we went out for Chinese...also good : )

SmallWorld at Home said...

How much fun is that!! I envy your snow!

Rebekah said...

Why have I always thought of England as a snowy winter kind of place? Probably because I've never been there. Those pictures are amazing!