Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wishful Thinking

This canister of yumminess, a staple in our house it seems, was sitting on top of my counter the other day. It brought me back to summer days gone by.

We have about a 100 days, give or take, until the pool is opened once again.

Summer is my favorite season. And it's funny I should write a post about weather that is exactly opposite to what we might be getting in the next few days. 6+ inches of snow. Ick! 

I'm just gonna pretend I didn't write that or hear it on the news for that matter and think about these things...

* My kids jumping in the pool off the diving board
* Sliding down the slide into the cool abyss
* Floating with my girlfriends and trying to relax with all manner of kids splashing us 
* Pool Dayz - the one day a week that I open the pool up to our friends
It used to be Mondays, then last year I changed it to Tuesdays, and now I might get back to Mondays again. We'll see. 
* Pancakes by the pool. I set up a griddle and flip away
* Hot dates on summer nights with my man
* Barbecues
* Family gatherings
* Summer vacations
* Going up north to Petoskey to visit Smax & Barb
* Blueberry Picking
* Strawberry Picking
* Any other kind of fruit picking I can find
* Homemade jam making
* Salsa making
* Planting a garden and reaping the rewards
* Summer baseball
* Ice cream from Side Track

Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do. I'll think about those things for a little while and daydream about summer days to come.

What things are you looking forward to experiencing this summer?


Joyce said...

We are having an unseasonably mild winter so no complaints from this part of the country. Course we still have March to get through.

I'm looking forward to my daughter's university graduation, a family beachside vacation, the wedding of a close friend's daughter, and maybe a new puppy. That last one is a pro and a con : )

fullertribe said...

I totally here you! I would love to live somewhere that it is warm all the time.

Hope said...

How very funny…

What am I looking forward to about this summer? I am autumn and winter type of girl – I really love the cooler months. We don’t get snow, and I miss that – I had it most of my growing up years of my life…my husband dislikes snow. We get rain, or are supposed to be getting rain. This year has been very dry. However, I am currently enjoying a rainy afternoon. Ah, how much I enjoy this weather, with a wonderful fire in my woodstove; I don’t want to hurry into summer – nope, not one bit.

But when summer does arrive, I will enjoy afternoons by our little above ground pool, my husband cooking on the BBQ, camping in the backyard with my children each weekend, taking a weekend trip to enjoy the beach in Monterey, a family camping weekend in the Sierras, picnics, hiking, the California State Fair…summer definitely has its cherished moments.