Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day :-)

 Shawn had to go away on business this week. Instead of waiting until he gets home on Thursday, he decided to give me my Valentine present on Sunday night. 

He gave me a gorgeous plant, called a "Cyclamen" with beautiful red flowers.
He blessed me with not one, but two boxes of chocolates because I always share with the kids. They get their own chocolates, but they love to have some of mine.

The gift that you see above the chocolates is a nicely wrapped package containing all of the past Valentine cards and notes from the past 18 years that we have given to each other. 
He wrote in my card that he hopes I enjoy the trip down memory lane. What a sweet and romantic gift. I love it! 

In this picture I was looking at our engagement picture that Shawn placed on the top of the stack of cards. I had some big hair that resembled the 80's even though it was the early 90's when he proposed. Was hair still big at that time, or was I stuck in my younger days?

After reading a few I decided to wait until Shawn returns for us to read them together. We have a date night planned at the end of the week.

You wanna laugh at something? My husband is all the way in Kalamazoo for his work this week. It's 30 miles away from here! I find it funny that he couldn't sleep in his own bed each night because of the kind of conference it is. They have work dinners and team-building activities each evening. I miss him whenever he is away.

As I was showering and getting ready this morning, the children surprised me with pink, heart-shaped pancakes. We added some cherry preserves and whipped cream on top. Yum!

I think they did a fantastic job! 
I love having 6 Valentines. They are each special and dearly loved.

I made them a cake and they all received a box of chocolates.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day. xoxo


Darcie said...

What a special Valentines treat for a special couple. Enjoy your date night,and reading all your cards. Just looking back and going through old letters or cards, binds those heart strings tighter, doesn't it?

Happy Valentines Day...a day late. :-)

Darcie said...

FYI...posted that recipe today!

chili pepper said...

I have to say, I love the idea of the letters. We have a box on my closet shelf filled with letters from our years together. I haven't gotten them down in a long time but Shawn has inspired me. I thing I will pull them out for our date night tomorrow.



Anonymous said...


You have a darling of a husband for sure. And how sweet of your children to make you heart pancakes. Such lovely flowers – red is my favorite color.