Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mercy Triumphs

I am so excited!!
This morning between 9 and 11, I'll be at church with a bunch of beautiful ladies starting Beth Moore's latest Bible study. I have been hearing great things about it already. I love Beth's style and how she has her readers dig into God's Word, taking it apart bit by bit, revealing truths that if read alone, would not be found. God has given her a true gift. 

By the time you read this, I will have been on a run for 2 miles with my friend, Kristen. We are training for a half marathon in May. It all started with my friend, Pam. We each started the whole running thing about the same time last May or June. Eventually the Lord brought us together in this particular effort and it has been amazing. Before we joined forces, my hubby, who was reluctant to run due to knee issues, joined me. Since we have started running, we have done an official 4 mile race, a 10K, and now we are onto a half marathon. He'll be joining us on May 6th, but at a much faster pace. Oh and by the way, his knees feel great!


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Joyce said...

Lucky you with the new Beth Moore study! I can't wait to do that one. We're doing an older study this year-Jesus My One and Only. I'd never done it before and am enjoying it a lot. I go into these studies thinking I know what she's going to say and always come out thinking, 'Wow-I've never thought of xyz that way before."

I'm drinking water right now, are you?