Tuesday, February 21, 2012

chickens with 80's hair

Around here we like our chickens. 
The fresh eggs we get daily makes it so worth the care and attention you have to give them.

I see a Phyllis Diller look-alike in these Polish chickens. I'm probably showing my age with that reference.

This here chubby one is the rooster, an Araucana.
He likes the ladies. For the past week or so we've been incubating a number of eggs to hatch new chicks.

Just thought I'd catch you up on some of the animals here at the Busse Homestead. There's a good chance I might post about one of our cats who is quite the porker. I like to call him Fatso and he might have a little complex at this point.

Oh, and if you read my blog, I do appreciate some comment love. :-)


Joyce said...

Your post title makes me think the Jersey girl has become country : ) No way could we have chickens. I have a fox den in my side yard. Their kits are too cute but once they grow up the fox kinda give me the creeps. They stare you down which makes the hair on my arms stand on end.

ps-we aren't moving but I am taking a fun big trip with my hubs later this spring

fullertribe said...

They are very 80's! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. We had so much fun on our trip. Maybe the next cruise we do needs to be an adults only one then you and Shawn could come too! :) I totally understand the ?x7 thing. But some of ours are pretty much grown and aren't going with us anymore so that helps a little. Love your post and can't wait for the next one.

Hope said...

Fresh eggs, what a treat! Lucky you.

My husband wants to raise chickens; however, I think that there perhaps is a limit to three chickens if you live in the suburbs.


chili pepper said...

Just catching up, Carol. I read most blogs on my phone these days when nursing the baby and I find it incredibly annoying to comment there. The girls and I had a huge laugh over this. They love to dig out pictures from when I was a teen and young adult in the 80's. They think the hair is a hoot... which it is. But they were grateful for that 80's hair knowledge when they were trying to make updos for the Sweetheart Banquet a few weeks ago. I knew just how to get that hair up (tease the snot out of it) and how to keep it there (AQUA net). ☺ Do you suppose that's what your chickens are up to?