Monday, February 20, 2012

My cousin's husband's brother would become my husband

Life sometimes keeps me from doing Part 2 posts, wiping dust bunnies under furniture, staying on top of the laundry, and other such things.

I told you I would finish my love story and so I am. Ideally that would have happened on Valentine's Day, but another post was written in its stead. At least it was still about LOVE. If you want to read Part 1, go here.

So where was I? 
On July 2, 1993, my head and heart would get the attention of a midwestern gentleman and my life would be forever changed. God can change things in you and your life in a moment, when you are going about your business, not expecting it. 

When I got out of my 1989 Plymouth Colt (I thought that little car was so cool), donned in my black blazer, body suit, and a black hat, Jill greeted me with a big hug, a beautiful smile, and an announcement. She told me that Tim's brother was just there and she wanted me to meet him. She said he would be returning a little later to join us for lunch. I listened half-heartedly, though I know somewhere deep down inside of me I had to be jumping for joy. After all, I was consistently wondering in those days who I would marry one day. I clearly remember driving in the Quad Cities and I was in a left turn lane. A guy pulled up next to me and I quietly asked, "Lord, could it be him?" Sometimes I asked when I was at the gym or at work. I wanted to know. I know that sounds desperate, but it felt normal to wonder. I was about 26 at the time. 

(My sister-in-law & cousin, Jill) 

We went into the house and prepared for Jill's brothers and sisters to arrive. It was a hot July day and we were having a barbecue and would be playing volleyball afterwards. After a short while, he showed up. Tim's brother, Shawn, and his friend, Jeff, came to the barbecue then I met him. 

He was such a nice guy, very kind, and a gentleman. I think he brought Jeff along for moral support. I thought only girls did that. He was a little shy, but he was comfortable being at Tim and Jill's house. After we ate, we played volleyball. Shawn was on the opposing team. I'm not sure which team won, but I had fun looking through the net at this fella. He was so handsome, had the bluest eyes, was tall, tan, and a college student. He had a future ahead of him. By the end of this day, I was smitten. I kept talking about him with Jill. Do you think he talked to Jeff about me? 

After everyone left, Jill and I talked and talked. We are never at a loss for words with each other. She is absolutely one of my very best friends. I began to plan the next time I could visit Indiana. Mind you, I hadn't visited my cousins in over a year and now I was planning my second visit within 2 weeks. I wanted an opportunity to see Shawn again. I was drawn to him, but we lived 4 hours away from Purdue University and even further from his home town which was a  6 hour drive.

As a little time went by, we began writing to each other. Then we started to make phone calls that would last an hour or more. He came to visit me in Davenport and it didn't take long before we started to fall in love. Our long conversations over the phone got even longer. Being in a long distance relationship meant we got to know each other through our talks. 

I brought him to church with me. Though he grew up going to church, Shawn would tell you that God used me to draw him to Jesus in a personal way. God gets the glory for that I assure you. I was a baby Christian myself, but I knew that I wanted a Godly husband, one that knew and served the Lord. God had a plan for Shawn Busse and I had no idea that I would be instrumental in seeing His plan come to fruition.

And about 4 months after that hot summer day's visit with a small town boy from Indiana, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. And 7 months after that, on May 29, 1994, we professed our love before God, our family, and friends, and said, "I do." Forever.

Shawn is my best friend, my lover, my confidante, the father of our 5 beautiful blessings, and an amazing man of God. 


Shannon said...

I loved reading your sweet love story. It's so awesome to see how perfectly God's plan for you and your cousin's husband's brother came together! Thanks for sharing!

chili pepper said...

I know I have heard this story before but I love it. I am sure I have told you that my Father in laws brother married my mother in laws cousin. Which, living so close to West Virginia, seemed rather twisted at first, until we could untangle the relations. They were so very happy walking together, raising their family and serving the Lord until the day he died in 2005. She still talks with the greatest love about her dear Levi.



Hope said...

Hello Carol,

No, it does not sound desperate to wonder whom you will marry. It was always on my mind, too…and it is normal.

What a sweet story; I enjoyed reading it very much. You two are so beautiful together. You are an encouragement and I good example of marriage. ☺