Tuesday, November 23, 2010

birthday fun

My girlfriends and I like to celebrate each other's birthdays.
We usually go out to dinner and then lavish the birthday girl with gifts.

The coined term for our gifts to each other are called
"Auntie Bags".
An Auntie Bag consists of all kinds of goodies. The goodies can range from fun socks, to a photo frame with a special friend photo, to a sweater, or a favorite treat. I usually try to include all of those things or a variety of other things.
Sarah introduced us to the Auntie Bag. Her aunts, on  her mom's side, always gave them a plethora of gifts inside of one bag and it was fun to see the combination they came up with.
When Sarah first told me of this tradition, we quickly adopted it. I think one of my love languages is gifts: both giving and receiving. :-)

Lizzy is the birthday girl this time and we were all headed to Red Robin for a nice, juicy burger. On your birthday, they give you a free burger of your choice. On that particular night we had 2 extra coupons for $3.00 off and our waitress ended up giving us 3 free burgers. We kept trying to make her understand that we were only celebrating one birthday, but she insisted on the 3. So we enjoyed the blessing she gave us.

Isn't Liz's headpiece cute? It happens to be a little gift that I received for my birthday. I thought it only fair that our new tradition would be to re-gift it to the next birthday girl who will then have to wear it in public for at least 5 minutes. 

I think Liz Longstocking wears it well, don't you? 

Mike really wanted to be a part of his wife's birthday celebration, so now the husbands come along and we like that just fine!

Oh yum!

My man is quite the looker!

When we got home, we enjoyed Emma Lynn with her ever-joyful presence.
All of the kids can't get enough of holding her and making her giggle.

Here's our group minus the hubby's. 
We had fun playing on the Wii and then had cake. 

Nighty-night Emma.

We recently celebrated Sydney's birthday. That's coming up in a future post.


Joyce said...

Love the hat...Happy Thanksgiving Carol!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a fun tradition. I love that. I love giving gifts too. Love the hat too. CUTE
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Denise said...

Fun fun fun :) and I love the party hat. Love the fun tradition too, girlfriends are the best. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week too Carol.

janesavage said...

Hi Chuck
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Love the party pics, is that a hat? Is that not how all American girlies look? Don't shatter my dreams i've seen the movies!
Nice to see the burger is at the party!
Miss you lots, love you up to the moon and back again!
Love Jane xxxxxxxx