Thursday, August 04, 2011

Our Beach Trip

Phil, Jane, Amy, and Megan arrived safely last Friday afternoon, but not without a little excitement. In Jane's words, "We prayed that we'd get here safely, but not our suitcases." At least they were delivered to them in the same evening that they arrived here. It could have been worse!

 Time has flown by as it usually does, but we have packed in a lot of fun! Tomorrow we are heading west to Yellowstone, their family by plane and ours by van. Our family plans on stopping by Walnut Grove to see the Little House museum on the way to our first hotel.

The next stop will be Mount Rushmore and onto Crazy Horse and the Badlands.
We'll stay in eastern Wyoming and then meet back up with them at Yellowstone on Sunday.

Since Lake Michigan looks like the sea but doesn't taste like it, we had to take our friends from England there. 

Jane inquired about how big the lake is to which my reply was, "I'm not sure." That's a good question though, isn't it?

Answer: It's 307 miles from north to south and 114 miles across from east to west. Wow! Our God did that!