Saturday, December 05, 2009

Part II Barcelona Plus

Happy Saturday sweet friends! I realized as I was posting one photo after the other, that this will, in fact, be a 3 part post about Barcelona. Please bear with me. I love documenting all of the beauty of what God has given us the privilege to go and see.

Mini update about our day: This morning we went to church to help out with what they call, "Breakfast in Bethlehem", BinB for short. It's an outreach event that has all kinds of crafts, and breakfast in the midst of all the fun. For breakfast they served "Sausage Baps" a.k.a. sausage on a bun; tea cakes which are basically rolls with raisins in them, and good old fashioned toast. The English love themselves some toast. Oh, they put beans on them, too. But not this morning. The kinds of beans that Campbells makes, only they are made by Heinz among other companies. Another breakfasty food they like, although not served today, is bacon, the yummy kind that you find here that's not streaky, on a plain roll. They put sauce on it called HP, also by Heinz. It's all pretty plain to me. I'd much rather throw a little scrambled eggs and cheese on with the bacon and mama will be a happy girl. I'm digressing again. Foodisgood.

So, when I heard that the coordinator of BinB needed someone to make biscuits (you and I call them cookies), I jumped at the chance, only I find out through clarification that it wasn't that they needed me to bake cookies to serve for breakfast. They needed someone to help the 150+ children that would show up based on past attendance to roll out some dough, cut out a large star shape, and then a small one in the center, plop a piece of colored hard candy in the middle, poke it with a straw to make it an ornament, bake it, then bag it to send it home with all of these 150 (or 179 as it were) lovely children.

I managed to get my hubby on board with this plan since he is a Food Scientist and has baked many a cookie in his career for Nab**co, or Special K bars for Kell***. He wholeheartedly agreed to it and then we both were frightened with how the process would work efficiently. Through prayer and working out the details with a fine-toothed comb, we along with some awesome helpers, pulled it off. Or should I say God blessed the activities today. It was a ton of fun.

Did I title this post to be something about Barcelona? OK, let's get back to that.


I love taking pictures of interesting architectural pieces, buildings, etc. So here are some of my favorites...
I'm not equipped with all of the names of the structures.

This was at the art museum that I mentioned in yesterday's post.

What a great view of Barcelona.

These lovely birds are wild. Much nicer than a pigeon, eh?

Cruise ships in port as part of the western Mediterranean cruises.

A statue of Christopher Columbus.

That's it for today. I'll finish up with Part III tomorrow or Monday. Thanks for sightseeing with me.

Tomorrow we'll be baking loads of cookies to give to neighbors and friends and to stash in our tiny freezer. Everything's small here. Have I mentioned that before?


Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing with us. The architecture is amazing! WOW!!

You have an award at arise 2 write.

Joyce said...

I love seeing all the tropical trees and sunny skies. It is absolutely teeming snow at the has been since about 1 (it is now 5) and we must have about 4 inches with no sign of letting up.

Have fun baking tomorrow...can't wait for my girls to get home to help with that.

LisaShaw said...

Wow! I enjoyed the sharing and the photos. Felt like I was a part of it with you and your family.

Love and hugs. Look forward to part 2

petrii said...

Barcelonia looks beautiful!! You get to see some really cool things. Have fun baking (and eating =).

Have a Blessed evening,

He & Me + 3 said...

BEautiful pictures...what an amazing experience. You are blessed to have the opportunity to be over there. Gorgeous.

Rachel said...

Those wild birds are amazing!!! Seriously better than pigeons. And the architecture is lovely!!

Jenny said...

What a beautiful family and great pictures! I love finding other believers who blog! Glad I found yours. Have a blessed week!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love the new look and I just came back by to look at all the pictures again.

Darcie said...

Smiling at your Coco-Cola picture you took...we did the same thing when we were in China. It really is a small world, huh?

chili pepper said...

I think it is so wonderful that you all are taking the time to really explore and enjoy things while you are there. I met many people stationed in Sicily that go no where and visit nothing. It seems such a shame to be there for free and not take advantage of it... especially because through the military they get trips with full arrangements and accommodations for super cheap.