Sunday, December 20, 2009

I think he's super-human

This here beautiful man, my hubby, likes a list.

It doesn't matter whether it is a mental one or one that's written on paper. He likes checking things off and being productive.
I love that about him. There's a whole lot more to love, but that's one of the things.

He is a doer. Always has been. Always will be.

I see that in both of his parents, too. They are always staying busy, keeping up with the house and the garden, or just doing things to help their own children or grandchildren out. They have a strong work ethic.

That's where he gets it from. It kind of makes him seem... super-human.

Case in point: After work on Friday, we were going on a date and meeting with all the other adults in our small group for a Christmas dinner. On the way there, he asks me about what kinds of things I had to get done over the weekend. You know, because at that point Christmas was 7 days away, the twins' birthdays are on December 24th, and two of my aunts will be arriving on the 23rd for a week or so. That means we have stuff to do.

I proceeded to tell him about how I needed to finish my Christmas cards, clean the guest bedroom, finish my Christmas shopping, get a few lists of my own about what kinds of food we will be having over the next week, and which places we will be taking the aunts to in order for them to experience England.

My groom then goes on to tell me his list and his major one was to clean and organize the twins' room. He had others, but that was the biggie. Believe me, those little guys are good about doing their chores, cleaning their room, and doing a fair share of work around here, but that room gets out of control after awhile. They have too many clothes. The other deal is that half of their room is a "playroom" for all of the kids. The three olders contribute to the mess making.

We went on our date and had a lovely time. More than lovely actually. Saturday came and the doing began. The list checking had officially commenced. This is what my man did, bless his heart.

~He picked stamps up at the post office after work on Friday.
~He put dinner in the oven for the kids and served them.
~On Saturday, he went up to the twins' bedroom and began the transformation. It took hours. Sorting through all of their clothes is huge. He went through all of the toys, pitched a bunch, and then organized everything.
~In the middle of this process, he took Austin, Grant and Cooper shopping to finish up their own list.
~He then continued the twin room mission.
~He worked out with Austin.

Here's the beautiousness of the room after he was done.

Check out the cardboard over the round window. They don't make curtains for that type of window. At night we put that on to keep as much light out as possible. Call me frugal AND practical. The twins were tucked and were waiting for their kiss goodnight.

I have to buy a couple of storage containers to put all of this away.

On day 2, Mr Magnificent did all of these things:
~He continued the work in the twins' bedroom. Those photos above were taken tonight, but were put in the wrong order.

~He built a snowman with the kids. We got a lot more snow today than we are typically used to getting. The kids loved it.

~Shawn also helped the boys set up the game, "Mousetrap", because it's apparently a nightmare for kids to put together.

~He also helped Austin straighten his room.

~He washed the dishes twice today: after lunch and dinner.

~He played uno with daughter uno before she was tucked in.

~And if that wasn't enough, he took on the job of finishing the gift wrapping. He has done all of the wrapping actually.

He might not be super-human, but he is one SUPER human.

I love you, Honey. Thank you for doing anything and everything for us. We love you and appreciate all you do. You're the best!


Joyce said...

This was so sweet Carol. I am married to a 'doer' as well. My girls were just teasing him last night about the fact that every time they call home and ask what dad is doing I say vacuuming : ) What can I say...he likes to vacuum. And I tell them that there is nothing more wonderful than a man who likes to vacuum!

Have fun with your company...your list sounds a bit like mine : ) I'm having my whole family for Christmas which will be fun but a whole lot of Cooking! We're going to Radio City today and to see the windows and lights in the city...I'm looking forward to it but nothing will get done at home today. Thankfully I married a doer : )

SmallWorld at Home said...

All I can really say is WOW!!

Aaron Syntycke said...

I ran across your blog this morning by chance. I found it uplifting and your tribute to your husband a wonderful thing. It was a great way to start my day. May God continue to bless your family.

Andrea said...

GOD bless your hubby!

Merry Christmas!!

He & Me + 3 said...

OK, I totally need to borrow him. We would totally get along because I am a list person too. What a guy you got there. I agree he is one super human.

Mama M. said...

Oh, Carol...that brought tears to my eyes!! What a great man you have (and handsome too!!)! Merry Christmas to you!

Oh, no...I don't live near Eden Prairie...I live in central MN, which is about 2ish hours north west of Eden Prairie!

E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, what a wonderful guy you have!! Count your blessings and be sure HE reads this and knows how much you appreciate him!

chili pepper said...

I read this when you posted it a few days ago but didn't have time to write a comment. I think you are right, he must be super human or something. I had to tell my hubby about this post because I am in complete shock that any man would or even could organize a kids room like that! My hubby said, "That's it, I am kicking him out of the men's club." Ha!