Monday, October 26, 2009

Mish Mash and Meatballs

This is one of those posts that's a little bit about this and a little about that. You know the kind, right? It's where you talk about several different things, none that really relate too much, simply because you're a blogger and you can. And it can even end up with a big pot of meatballs at the end.

That's interesting.

The other day, Grant told me that he had a loose tooth. I knew that it was loose for awhile, but that was happy news to my ears. Simply because I love grabbing a napkin or paper towel, wiggling that little pearly white, and gently tugging it until I get that release. I don't know why I like it. It just makes me happy.

Seriously. Look at that big smile on my face.

If you squint, you'll see Grant's tiny, little tooth.

Ah, that's better. He looks as happy as me in this one.

Do you think I missed my calling to be a dentist? Nah... the other day I had to have a root canal done beneath one of my crowns. Yes, beneath a crown. One would think the crown was all the dental work that needed to be done 5 years ago. Apparently not. Sometimes you develop an abscess that needs to be dealt with. Happily, I had a wonderful dentist and his assistant was pretty amazing as well. She kept saying, "Are you OK down there? You're doing great." She was my very own little British cheerleader. And, no, being a dentist is not for me. I'll stick to adjusting backs!" Technically I don't do any adjusting except for working on my family. (Did I not tell you this was going to be one of those mish-mash posts?)

The kids and I took Fletch for a walk around the good old Lymm Dam a couple of days ago. I go there everyday. I can walk it in my sleep. I wanted to capture some of the pretty fall colors so I brought my camera with me.

The kids like to explore while we're there.

Apparently Fletcher does, too. He throws a little bit of hunting in the mix. When I called his name, he came prancing back to me ever so proudly with this...


It must have been dead for awhile, because rigor mortis had already set in.
Fletch did not want to leave that critter behind. Sorry little squirrel.

I love this picture. Something about it just makes me smile.

As we were walking around the dam, and just about all of us in a bad mood, I came up with an idea to find a "treasure". It had to be something, anything, that you want to pick up and then tell us why it's a treasure to you. The kids found some great things and it lightened the mood for a little while. I'm not sure what it was, but we needed some attitude changes at that point.

It got better as we drew closer to home.

This was in the middle of the treasure hunt.

More fall-ish scenery.

Mellie found a tiny little part of a plant. She likes to let me know all of the technical names of the various parts of a plant that she is learning about in school. She's so smart.

Braaten found a giant, crispy leaf. She and I both love stepping on them and hearing the crispness beneath our feet. It's fun.

And here's that big pot of meatballs I thought might appear at the end of this post.

My mom and dad cooked a lot of Italian food in our house growing up. We weren't even Italians! But that's exactly where I got my love of Italian food.

The other day I was wondering what to make for dinner, and into my head popped up the idea for meatball sandwiches. Growing up in Hoboken, you can order a "meatball parm" in just about any pizzeria. They put meatballs, sauce, and mozzarella on some nice Italian bread. Mmmm.... now thatsa nice-a meata-balla!

That little memory popped into my head and I just had to make it for my family. I have to say, they were some of the best meatballs I have had in a long time.

Ciao Bellas!


He & Me + 3 said...

What a fun post. Love that toothless smile. So cute. I could never yank them out though. They have to fall out on their own in our house. :)
What a fun walk too. All the signs of fall. Love it, except the dead squirrel. I love making meatball sandwiches...I cheat though and buy my meatballs from Schwans. LOL

Joyce said...

Well just seeing the words Ciao Bellas makes me smile : )

Love the toothless smile! And the meatballs...they look awesome!

Andrea said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun finding autumn treasures. Your little darling looks adorable without his tooth.
Blessings, andrea

Heart2Heart said...


I just love how you put all these wonderful things together in a great creative post! Besides the meatballs I love exploring out in the wilds too!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Darcie said...

Smiling at this post...I love a good old post that will give you a little bit of everything!

About those teeth...where were you when I needed you? I so do not like pulling teeth. My kids have been known to have their teeth barely hanging on. That is until their dad helps out.

LOVED your idea about the 30 days with your husband...beautiful idea...just might have to borrow that one.

Rachel said...

Great randomness!

I had a root canal under my crown a few weeks back. Fun, isn't it?

And I've never been on the other side of a tooth pulling yet - but I like other things, like popping zits and plucking hairs and such. However, pulling a tooth gives me the shivers - hope it's as fun as you say it is!

McCrakensx4 said...

Those meatballs look so very yummy! And love all the fun fall colors! And the one thing that I really cannot do is wiggle the kids teeth out...that is a dad job! Gives me the eebby jeebbies!

fullertribe said...

I love post that are a little of everything. I too tend to end up doing that! It's also nice to know that we aren't the only family that needs attitude adjustments. We are so looking forward to you guys coming home but still enjoy reading about your journey.

fullertribe said...

Oh Yeah and by the way when Gabe's first tooth is ready to come out I'll make sure to bring him to you, because the thought of it makes me sick!!!! I can't even be in the room when one of the kids loses a tooth. I'm a little sissy that way.

christschild said...

Hello, A friend suggested your blog to me and I love this post. Simple things in life...just spending time with your family enjoying the beautiful nature God has given us. Nice to meet you.

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

What a fun post!
The scenery is beautiful.. all but the squirrel.. LOL..

But having two hound dogs.. I am used to strange dead animals being brought home..

And the meatballs look YUMMY!