Monday, October 12, 2009


Even I am shocked at a couple of things I have done over the past two weekends!

I recently shared with you how afraid I am of sewing machines. I mean, they intimidate me is all. I'm always thinking that my fabric will get all bunched up, and my lines will be crooked, or I'll measure once and cut twice. Because of all of that, I have avoided using one and have chosen to make big and little quilts one hand stitch at a time. (Side note: I personally enjoy hand-piecing and quilting because there is something extra special in doing it that way. It feels like the way things were done back in Laura Ingalls' day, perhaps a bit more authentic). A quilt made by someone no matter the way it is made, in my opinion, however, is a tremendous gift.

That all being said, drumroll please...

I plugged in my sewing machine over the weekend! I did it! I did it!

I have to say that being the novice I am at all of this, it took about an hour to thread the machine and fill the bobbin.

Before that challenge, I cut all of these pieces to begin my new quest.

I asked Melanie to take this photo of me for proof.

After one trial run, I pieced these two together.

But I definitely put the seam-ripper to good use on several occasions.

And in about an hour and a half, I pieced these two whole blocks together.

FYI: Hand-piecing that might have taken about 10 hours, give or take.


If I had a bucket list, and I don't, I would check the *Plug a sewing machine in and actually use it, AND

*Go on a zip-line for 650 feet off of a bridge and live to blog about it.

What?? I really did.

My husband and I were invited by our friends to join them in a charity for leukemia called the Anthony Nolan Trust. In my fear, I agreed that I would do it.

Here we are all ready. I have a major look of apprehension behind that smile and beneath that silly hat.

Here it is: The Runcorn/Widnes Bridge in England. I decided that if I'm going to do this crazy thing, that I would be first and get it over with.

I actually had to climb over the bridge railing and hang on before letting go.

That was honestly the scariest part.


Am I almost done?

I was very happy to see this fellow at the end of my run.

My dear, sweet, adventurous hubby doesn't have any problem doing these types of things. He's jumped out of an airplane, and has done bungee jumps. He makes it look easy.

There he is, happy as a lark.

He wasn't nearly as excited to see this guy as I was.

Well there you have it, a couple of my fears have been conquered
and it feels really, really good!


Joyce said...

I'm impressed by the sewing but the zip line-WOW! Congratulations on that one my friend!

Catherine Anne said...

How fun!

Andrea said...

WOW...the quilt squares are beautiful and "you zip lined"...whew. You are an awesome inspired me, today. I am NOT going to zip-line unless it is a life or death situation and I am not sure what I would choose then....

Blessings, andrea

Heart2Heart said...


You have just inspired me to stop dusting my sewing machine but to get to work. Your blocks are beautiful and amazing. I love all those beautiful colors together.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

He & Me + 3 said...

I can't believe you did that zip line. Holy scary. good for you. I will be attempting some sewing in November. scared over here. great job on the quilt.

Darcie said...

I AM SO, SO, SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! What a way to tackle some are a brave woman.

Thanks too for your sweet comment hit it right on the nose...hormones...glad to know I am not alone.

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Wow!! You go girl!!!!
So happy to see you took that leap into the sewing world!!!
Looks like the bridge stuff was a blast!!

chili pepper said...


I am so super proud of you. I knew you could do it. And it does feel good to accomplish so much so quickly, doesn't it? Even if we do like hand piecing better. The last few quilts I have done have been machine pieced and hand quilted. I don't know if I could ever come to like machine quilting but who knows? My next quilting project is to back, bind and quilt a quilt my grandmother pieced together about one hundred years ago, but never got to the next step. I hope to do it this winter. I have put it off for so long... because of my fear of ruining it. It isn't bringing anyone any joy sitting on my closet shelf, though.

Now as for the zip line business... no way! You can count me out. I have enough trouble getting on an airplane... never mind hanging in the air without the aid of all that mechanical stuff.

Good for you to conquer your fears. I can't wait to see your finished quilt.


The Lehman's said...

WOW Carol that is about all I can say is WOW. The blocks are beautiful and and the zip line thing--WOW almost doesn't cover that. That was really cool. Good luck on the quilt you are working on. It looks like it is going to be AWESOME. You will love the sewing machine you can make so many little Christmas gifts. Have you ever visited They always have a lot of neat ideas and quick projects. Keep us posted on your progress. julie :)

Rachel said...

WOW! You've had a busy week! The quilt is gorgeous, and I am quite impressed with your bravery!

I used to be completely up for anything in the world..until I became a Mommy. Then I got scared and practical.

Darn kid.

steffenboysmom said...

Move over Betty Crocker! Those are cute!

More pics of the "pee my pants" episode! Man girl, I don't know if you could have paid me enough!

McCrakensx4 said...

That is love love the quilts! My mom can sew and quilt, me not so much! Great job! How fun to go zip lining...I would love to try something like that!