Monday, March 09, 2009

Not Me! Monday

"Not me! Monday" is hosted by McKMama at My Charming Kids. This is a weekly blog carnival that gives your the opportunity to talk about the things you "didn't" do (wink, wink) in the past week and get to share about it. 

It wasn't me, no, definitely no me, that prepared a delightful butternut squash soup for lunch that had a tad bit more spice in it courtesy of my dear mother-in-law. She dries her own jalepeno peppers and makes it into a powder and I like to use it on occasion. Anywho, I put a dash of this  into my soup and doled it out to everyone. Mind you, there was bread and butter on the side. So as all 5 took a slurp, they hurriedly grabbed their water and then a bite of bread to temper their burning tongues. I didn't proceed to offer them a British pound coin each (which is the equivalent of about a $1.50) just to eat it all. Nope! Not me. I would never my kids to eat my cooking.

It wasn't me that had to fetch my dog Fletch out of the water last week only to get dirt all over the side of my pants and on my backside. See this post to read about the fact that I didn't do that. 

Every week once we get out of church, there's a busy street to cross to get back to our car. I certainly didn't get impatient and run across the street quickly while a couple of cars were coming from both directions and my youngest, Cooper, who was near my husband, started to follow my lead. My husband didn't have to stop him by shouting. I would never be so impatient! Yikes I won't try that again! Seriously!

And finally, it wasn't me that took 3 days to do about 8 loads of wash because of the lovely washer and condensation dryer I have now that I live in a new place. I didn't decide to do laundry on Sunday, during my day of rest, so that I wouldn't be overwhelmed today. 

Oh, that was therapeutic to share the things I didn't do in the past week. 

Happy Monday everyone. :-) 


McCrakensx4 said...

Too funny about paying your kids to eat...yea, I never do that either!! Happy Monday!

Wayne said...

great not me monday and the butternut soup sounds intresting .

He And Me + 3 said...

Too funny about the soup. i would gladly pay my kids to eat something so healthy:)

Rachel said...

Nice - I'll have to remember the "Pay to eat my cooking" tip! :)

momstheword said...

Remind me not to have dinner at your house when you're making that....I don't like spicy food, lol!