Thursday, March 05, 2009

3 Boys + a Dog = Adventure!!

Part of my daily routine is to take Fletch for a walk. Our three boys wanted to join me since it was after school and it was nice to have some extra company anyway. Because Fletch doesn't always obey my commands, it's nice to have a little support as well, you know...just in case. I brought the camera to capture some nice shots of the boys and I was glad I did.

We typically come here to do our walking. It seems I talk about it a lot in my posts so I took a picture to share. 

Notice the wetness. He goes into the water EVERYtime. Even when there was ice on the water, the boy was in!

For the first time, Austin was allowed to bring his bike. I guess I had reservations in the past because there are usually lots of people and dogs at different points around the dam. He had so much fun!

Check out the daffodils we have been seeing already. I'm not used to this, but I like it. 

Austin kept asking me to snap different pictures of him, so I did. I'm always thinkin' about those potential blog moments.

Grant was just messing around and exploring. He and Cooper wished I had allowed 3 bikes. Maybe next time.

Coop was playing fetch with Fletch.

Another pose.

This particular photo was inspired by The Wizard of Oz. He asked me to snap this one, too.

I spotted these birds down in the water and with Austin's vast knowledge of nature, he informed me that they are Cormorants.

When Fletch thought he could catch a bird, one of them flew off. Then Fletch thought he could get the other one. He started to swim toward them without success of getting the prize and then came back in closer to shore. 

Then he couldn't get back up the hill and he had a slight look of panic. He was down a pretty steep hill and I didn't have the perfect shoes on for hiking, nor did I want to fall in. Here's where that extra support comes in. Austin parked his bike, the twins stayed up at the top of the hill, and the two of us slowly made our way down the hill. Yes, I slid at least once. Austin had his wellies on which he says are slippery and was concerned that he might slide down, too. When we got to Fletch, he wasn't as close to a point where I can pull him up, I thought, so I had Cooper throw his leash down to me in order to hook it onto him and begin to pull. When I got close enough to him, I was able to grab his collar and neck and gradually pull him out. Of course, he did the doggy shake as soon as he was out and I looked like this at the end of it all.

I didn't want to show a close-up of my backside, but I had to show you the dirt. (Rachel, these are corduroys. Are they workin' for me? I really need to go shopping for some new jeans :-))

So it adventure after another with our sweet dog. I'm definitely getting more exercise since we got Fletch. Who was the real retriever in this story?!

Have a great and blessed weekend!


momstheword said...

Well, I'm not sure who was walking who here! I have a beagle that walks!

So, I heard the name "Bubbles and Squeak" and I googled it. Is it served very often over there? Do you like it? I am tempted to make it just so I can tell everybody the name of it (except I don't like cabbage).

Joyce said...

Great pics Carol! My dog avoids the water. She will walk waaaay around even a mud puddle. She does like to roll in the grass, hay, sand, whatever so she manages to get dirty in other ways. I love the walking here!

He And Me + 3 said...

Thanks for taking us along on your adventure. YOur doggie is so cute. What fun to be sprayed by a shaking dog. love it! Great pics of the boys too.

McCrakensx4 said...

OMGosh...too funny! Good thing that none of you ended up in the water! My boys want a dog so badly, but I just don't want one more thing to take care of!! Great pictures! Have a lovely weekend!

Holly said...

Haha what awesome photos, look like you had a great time, especially your dog, even though he didn't manage to snag a bird. :P

Laughing Momma said...

It seems like we have very similar styles of schooling. My boys are pretty self sufficient in most subjects...we usually do bible together and then go over math the first of each new concept. With The Beez I feel like I am too laid back sometimes but she keeps herself busy and I try not to let school get in the way of being an inquisitive little girl. I too love reading history to the kids we use beautiful feet books as a guide and we love it. They also try and get me to read chronicles of narnia a few times a week... We just started the last book in the series...gonna be sad when we are through though.
I am kind of excited about week after next we are going to do a whole week of immersion in relation to our trip to NY and DC. By the way thanks for your note about that.. I really looking forward to central park and so are the kids.
Anyway, hope you have a great weekend I am starting mine off at the dr office. Snake has been running fever and having chest pain.
Thanks again for the note...and for what it's worth I like the cute pants you have on in the pic.


Rachel said...

I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading - I got woefully behind. Very nice cords!! Cords are always a great option. :) And good luck on the jean shopping! I can't wait to see your results!! Try Ann Taylor if they have one over there. They REALLY impressed me in my research for my sequel post (coming tomorrow).