Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy one year blogoversary, Pam!

Pam is having her one year blogging anniversary in just a few days. In order to celebrate that and all the blessings she has received from it, she is giving away lots of fabulous prizes by Beth Moore. Today's giveaway is a cookbook by Dawn Hall. 

If I were you, I would go over there and check it out. More than the giveaways, Pam's honest writing about her life after divorce, her firm faith in Christ, and getting to know her 6 great children will bless you far more than any prize. 

happy anniversary, pam!! Love ya


Pam said...

YEAH!! Thanks!!! I hope you win something this week!!!!!! That deserves it!!! ;)

momstheword said...

Thanks for mentioning this!

Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary to Pam!! I will go check them out!!

Sorry for the unclearness on my post. Here are the ways to participate:

1. Write a caption for the picture that I posted on my blog and COMMENT it on that post, and/or

2. Put up your OWN Conquer the Caption post with your own picture on your blog and leave your link on the Mister Linky here, and we'll come suggest captions for your photo.

The winner I select will be for the best caption written for MY photo. If you put up a photo, you can choose the best caption for your own photo and declare them the winner.
Hope that helps!