Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wellies and Metal Detectors!

The other day we went out for a nice walk. It had been raining quite a bit the day before, which meant we needed to wear boots. The kids definitely like to slosh around in the mud and explore areas around the Lymm Dam. When we moved here, it became quite clear that we would need to invest in "Wellies" for everyone. Previous to that, seven lovely umbrellas were presented to Shawn at work before the big move and they all came in handy. It hasn't rained too much lately, but we do get our fair share at different points. 

On a slightly different note, this week we have gotten as much snow as they have seen in about 16 years. We got an inch people!! I know that most of you have seen enough snow and ice to last you about 3 or 4 years so I'm not complaining about the inch. In the London area, about 3 or 4 hours south of where we live, they got 6 or 7 inches. You might have heard that on the news.

On Tuesday morning, we literally had about a half inch at the time, all 5 kids were out in the back "garden" (yard) at 7:15 a.m. sharp! They had a blast in that little bit of snow. I did capture a couple of photos which I'll have to share. This post was originally about the much-needed wellies. Oh, and Austin, our 12 year old decided to bring along his metal detector to see what he could find. I think they ended up finding a couple of bottle caps and something that looked like a rusted, old crow bar. Cooper was the one that lugged it around the dam because he looks up to Austin so much and loves to please him. :-) Bless his heart!

Havin' fun in the mud.

A little close-up.

Austin says his wellies are really comfortable.

I think they were digging for the crow bar here.


steffenboysmom said...

Love the wellies! I think here we just call them rubber boots. he he. So glad you got to experience this "wonderful" thing called misery, I mean snow!

The sun is shining today and it's -3. It's calling for 48 on Sat though! Whoo hoo!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Those are such great pictures and what fun. I always wanted one of those metal detectors. They look like a blast. Was it Grant that forgot to tuck his pants in his boots? Oops.
I love wellies...they are adorable.

Joyce said...

Love the wellies, especially for walking the dog. Even when it's not raining here the ground seems to always be wet. When we first arrived here my teenage daughters were just too cool for wellies. They converted though and even took theirs back to college with them.

On a completely different note-I'm new to blogging and am also technically impaired : ) I hit reply to the comment you left me yesterday and am wondering if it ever reached you? It went to a funny address and perhaps I should have just posted it as a reply to one of your posts. As you can see, I'm hopeless. If you didn't get it I'll resend as a comment.

This is when I miss having teenagers in the house...they were my IT support!

Cheers, Joyce

Sit A Spell said...

Saw you across the pond on Joyce's new blog and had to say HI. I am mostly English and would love to visit there some day. Not so sure about all that mud though...hmm.

I see you like them. Christie is a great worship leader.

That's crazy about the super bowl! OH...I'm in Michigan.


julie said...

Hello Carol--I commented yesterday and told you I went to school with Shawn. Remember me? Well to answer your questions--yes I am a friend of Pam and Tara (steffenboysmom). I just started a blog last week. It is nearly as cool as yours-but it has been fun!! I love the picture too and I did notice the one who didn't tuck his pants into his boots. Don't you just love kids!! Have a great day!!---julie

Anonymous said...

i LOVE their called wellies!!!! i'll have to teach my southern US kiddos that term! :)

Joyce said...

Thanks for the blog help. Below is what I sent you that is now in cyberspace somewhere...It's a long reply to your questions-sorry. I could talk for days about life here.

Hi Carol,
Thanks for visiting my blog. How are you liking life in the UK? I've loved our time here and learned so much about myself. There are hard things for sure but mostly it's been a wonderful experience. It did take that first year for it to feel like home but it definitely feels like home to all of us now. I'm actually feeling very mixed about going back to the states but we feel like the timing is right. I went to a seminar last May regarding repatriation and the speakers all said to view a move back to your home country just as you viewed your move to a foreign country because in many ways home will feel a bit foreign at first. I've been here almost 6 years and my girls spent their teenage years here so it will always be a special place for us.

We moved to the UK from Annapolis Maryland where we lived very happily for 9 years. We've moved alot in our married life though and I'm originally from NJ and my husband is from Tennessee. We will almost for sure be going back to NJ when we leave here. I grew up outside of Philadelphia but we did live in North Jersey for almost 5 years when my daughters were toddlers-my youngest was born there. My husband's office is in Franklin Lakes so we'll most likely be headed to a town in North Jersey. My mother is in Cherry Hill still and I have a brother in Collingswood and a sister in Philadelphia so they are really happy to think we'll finally be geographically close again. (I'm mentioning the towns as I think I saw on your blog that you'd lived in NJ at one time). My girls are both in uni in South Carolina and I have another sister who lives close to their university so that's been a real blessing.

If I can help you with any info about life here please feel free to ask. How are your kids managing? Looks like you've had some nice outings and trips. The travel opportunities have been one of my favorite things about the experience.

Take care, Joyce

McCrakensx4 said...

What fun...I totally love the blue poka dot ones! I want a pair, but wait...there is no rain in AZ!! Glad they had fun sloshing around in the mud!!

momstheword said...

My son used to love to play with his metal detector! Love the name wellies, so cute!~

Debra said...

My hubby lived in London for about a year and a half...said the rain was always around and wellies were a necessity there!

Enjoyed your photos!

Happy Sunday to you...enjoyed listening to David Crowder while I was reading! ((hugs))

Mdetector said...

The wellies is perfect think, i also use metal quit often and the weather is not always so good, so i like to come home with dry legs :)