Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Panini Crazy!

A couple of years ago I found this giant George Foreman grill at Goodwill. 
It has been one of my favorite finds.
Actually the kids might love it more than me.

We have panini-fied just about everything! On this day, the sandwich du jour was ham and cheese on a mini hoagie roll from my local S*m's club. You don't need mayo on the inside or butter on the outside.  Those rolls are that good and they are the perfect size. We use them in our kids' school lunches almost daily.

And you sure can't beat the price of one of these paninis compared to one you 
buy at the restaurant that rhymes with "I dare ya". Ha! I'm so corny.

Can you believe I bought one of these grills in about half the size for my son for when he goes off to college in 2 years? He actually requested one. :) 


Anonymous said...

Hello Carol,
I loved "seeing" you today and appreciated you comment on my blog. Thank you.

I never knew what a panini was. I heard people mention it and had little idea what they were talking about.

I thought you had to have a special machine to make them. We have a small grill similar to yours, so I think I could make these. They look yummy. The roll looks something like those we buy at Costco.

♥ Hope

Lauren Davenport said...

Those look delicious!

Darcie said...

They look delicious!

As for collage in two years...say it isn't so!!! The days and years are flying by!