Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taking a peek at Pinterest

Sometimes it takes a little while for me to get on the bandwagon. 
It might be due to a lack of time, a lack of knowledge, or simply a lack of interest.

I've had an account for awhile now, but lately when I have had some spare time, I chose to blog, read a magazine, catch up on F@cebo0k, or watch a TV show.

Not this time, people.
It was finally time to check out Pinterest:
Who in the world came up with this grand idea? :)
 Oh my! How fun, entertaining,  and... addictive!
I found countless ideas and that was just in the hour I spent looking around. 
I have my work cut out for me... project-wise and also to get back there to pin some more!

Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest? 
If you don't even know what it is, click on the link above and have a look around.


Joyce said...

I love Pinterest but don't feel like its a time waster. I have used so much of what I pin, and find it inspires and motivates me to do something new or finish something I've left unfinished. Look for me jodaley : )

steffenboysmom said...

I use it when I need inspiration, but you can loose track of time being there. It's like anything else in life that is pulling for our attention. It's one of Satan's greatest tools to keep us busy.

Darcie said...

I have an account, but in all honesty...haven't been on in months. Its a cleaver idea, and I am sure good for a lot, but when I actually have computer's still blogging for this momma! :-)

Hope said...

I have known about Pinterest for over a year, but did not really understand how it worked. A librarian got me interested in it. It has been just over a month that I have been using it and I already have 34 boards and 3,293 pins not to mention my 439 likes. I use Pinterest more for my dream world than for reality. It is like having a customized magazine laid out before me.

:) Hope

Hope said...

I was trying to find you on Pinterest, but I was not able to. I would like to follow your boards.

:) Hope

Hope said...

Hi again Carol,

I would be pleased if you would join in on my Friday's Photo File ~ share any photo. Linkup begins tomorrow morning at 1:00 a.m.
I hope to see you there!

:) Hope

momto8blog said...

I have not yet ventured into the pinterest abyss...guess the saying is true ignorance is bliss...because I do not even realize what I am missing.
I came here from Hopes blog and am now your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Lauren Davenport said...

Pinterest is such a brilliant idea! I've made many recipes and craft projects I've found via my pinterest friends - I love it! :)