Friday, November 16, 2012

It's the little things...

It doesn't take much to make the twins happy. They're fairly easy to please. I love that about them. There is so much that I love about these young fellows.

*They make me laugh- one day my girlfriend and I were shoe shopping. The boys each took one of those teeny tiny foot hose they provide and put them on their heads. They were calling themselves 'lunch ladies'. Now that's funny! I don't care who ya are.

*They kiss me good morning everyday without fail.

*They greet each day with extreme joyful, enthusiasm. I wish I always did that.

*They are incredibly helpful.

*They are very handsome and make their mama proud.

*They surprise me with breakfast or lunch on occasion. They might even concoct a smoothie that contains pudding in it and let you know the ingredients after you sucked it down.

*They create some mean Lego creations. I love their wild imaginations.

*They do some not-so-fun chores without complaining. Most times.

*They help take care of Jack, my friend's 4 year old boy. I love that little guy, too.

Grant and Cooper have been asking me for these "Zoo Pals" for awhile now. They are plates with animal faces on them. They were really excited after they saw them. I love how they appreciate the little things.


Hope said...

Hello Carol,

It's great how much you enjoy your children. You all sound like a happy group.

Sometime ago you asked when my son's soccer ends. I meant to answer that question when you asked it. it the day of the last game. I always think it is strange how they drag the soccer season out to the weekend before Thanksgiving. And then there is the BIG finale soccer party. Stephen is excited about today. I am just looking forward to THANKSGIVING!

Happy Saturday!
:) Hope

Anonymous said...

I love those twins:)