Saturday, July 14, 2012

splish splash

Family + Pool =
Tons of Fun!!

Grant, Austin, Lance, Adam, Cooper, Melanie, Braaten, and Lexi

Silly kiddos!


Unsanitary, I know...

"Mom, take a picture of this." 
By the time I realized what I was taking a picture of, water was
squirting everywhere. 

Bray and Lex

Grant and Cooper

Grant, Braaten, and Cooper with Melanie creeping in the background.

Cooper and Braaten

Braaten, Mel, Coop, and Grant

Mel gets the most use of the pool. She's my water baby.

Sista, sista, Boom!

Dance moves in the pool.

Nice one, Mel.

Toe touch... kind of.


Lance and Austin.

"Hey, Aunt Carol, take a picture of me."

They really are best friends.

My handsome, brand new driver.

Lance and Austin jumping in together. 

Well, we had a blast with Todd, April, Lance, Adam, and Lexi. 
I can't believe I didn't get one picture of my mother and father-in-law. 
We'll see them today for a wedding in Indiana, and I plan on snapping away!!
Happy Saturday!! 

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Hope said...

It looks like they are all having TOO much fun! Lovely bunch of young people.