Sunday, July 15, 2012

England- here she comes!

About two years ago or so, Braaten hoped that she would be able to save enough money to pay for a ticket to England. She had a strong desire to be able to go back to the place where we invested almost two years of our lives through a work opportunity for my husband. When she said it, I was really proud of her for wanting to step out of her comfort zone.

You see, prior to that, Braaten couldn't wait to move back home and get back to life as we once knew it. She realized that some of the friendships she made there were irreplaceable and priceless; that building friendship requires commitment and spending time together.

So today is her big day. This is the day that she will board a plane alone, but with an airline chaperone, to fly 7-8 hours across the pond to reconnect with some of our beloved friends.

My husband and I are stepping out in faith, trusting that Jesus has this all taken care of. We trust that she is in His loving care. And with that, we know that this will be one of the greatest adventures she'll ever take part in.

Have fun, Bray! We'll be counting down the next 19 days. I love you with all my heart.



Hope said...

Wow! How wonderfully exciting that is! I am so happy for her. It is good that she already has friends there and won't be alone.I a sure that you will miss her very much.

England is one of the few places that I have ever wanted to see.


chili pepper said...

Hi, sweetie.

Just stopping by to catch up with your wonderful clan. Your kids are growing up so fast... especially, Braaten looks so grown up and lovely. Love your rocking chair project. I have one very similar Allen gave to me when Brianna was a newborn. I am always torn. I love stained furniture and I love painted furniture and sometimes it takes a lot of deliberation before I can settle on which I would like best for a particular piece. Allen, being an accomplished carpenter, feels painted furniture is the purist way to go. He often decides he likes it after the fact... like our kitchen cabinets... but before hand he usually thinks I am nuts when I suggest painted this or that. He is so amazing to always indulge my "creative" impulses.

Glad to know you are well...



Honeycombs said...

Saw your blog on my sisters page so Hi from sunny England. Braaten must have brought it with her as we have had some very wet weather of late but this week, the sun has been shining constantly. I'm sure she'll love every minute of it but guess she'll be counting the days until she's home again.