Sunday, July 08, 2012

list checking

Well it seems life is always busy around here. 
My expectation of summertime or maybe what I dream about is not really close to my reality.
My reality is a giant mix of summer projects, baseball games, friends visiting, a short vacation, more projects, patients to see, and swimming to be done.

My hubby and I have made a fairly long checklist of things to do around the homestead, and today the list was being checked off like crazy! Today alone we have:
*finished painting the porch (thank you Pam for helping with that ginormous task!)
*rearranged the basement
*deep cleaned Austin's room with major help from him
*sorted through things from the girls' closets because Shawn put new closet systems in last weekend
The girls spent several hours getting their room back in order today
*spray painted the wicker furniture on the front porch
*spray painted a chair for the boys' desk
*primed a rocking chair to be painted a fun color
*cleaned the swimming pool
*did the laundry
*cleaned the cuttings from the bushes Shawn has been trimming (the kids did that job :0)
*that's enough!!

Why is our list so long you ask?
Because in exactly 11 days 30 plus family members will be coming to stay with us for a reunion.
We have family coming from New Jersey, Indiana, and even Texas.
We'll have some sleeping in tents, in sleeping bags, and anywhere else they can find that is slightly comfortable. The time we spend together is a blast and we're looking forward to it. 
If you want to get things done around your home, plan a big party or reunion. You'll git 'er done. 
Woo-hoo!! I love it when things get spruced up around here.

And in other news...

(Cooper - 10 y.o.)
The twins played for the Marshall Indians and just recently finished up their season. 
They came in first place and enjoyed just about every minute of it. It's been so hot around here that some of the games were a little uncomfortable.

(Grant - 10 y.o.)
You guys were awesome! Dad and I enjoyed seeing what skillful ball players you have gotten to be.

Cooper was one of the pitchers.

Grant is quite the hitter. He hit a homerun or two during his season.

Braaten played volleyball for USA Michigan 14U and learned so much!
Volleyball is just fun to watch and we couldn't get enough.
I take that back! When there are 3 weekend tournaments in a row, you have enough. 
It was a blast watching her and her best friend, Renae, play.

We opened up the pool season with a party during Memorial Day weekend.
What a great way to start the summer!

Thanks again, Pam, for painting with me. I'll help you with your next paint project.
Just say the word!

I love the American flag that Shawn put up at the pool this year. 
We had a wonderful Independence Day (a few days early) at our friends home, the Root family. Every year they plan one of the biggest gatherings and firework displays for all of us to enjoy.

On July 4th, Shawn's parents, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and their 3 children came to visit us. We had a wonderful, wonderful time.

Maddie and Melanie had the pleasure of dancing at C.O. Brown Stadium in early June. 
They had their official dance recital on June 16th and both danced beautifully. Maddie and her family just relocated to Florida and we miss their family so much. Every year they would also have the most amazing Independence Day celebrations. We thought of them so much through the holiday weekend.

Terri and Lizzy enjoying some pool time. 
Liz, I love you. 
And boy do I miss you.

My niece, Lexi, is beautiful in this photo. She was just here visiting
on the 4th of July.

Cooper and I cuddling during a field trip to Saugatuck. We were learning about the sand dunes and Lake Michigan.

This is Phyllis.
 Is she not one of the cutest kittens you've ever seen? She is so skiddish. Every time I go near her with my little kitty cat voice, she runs for the hills. I'd like to have her as an indoor cat, but the fear of cat pee anywhere scares me a little. My husband just wants to know where I plan on putting the cat litter. I have no idea. I don't know what the most sensible place is. Until I can answer that question, she'll stay outside. She is one of 10 kittens we have had to find a home for. We still have 2 waiting.

A couple of weeks ago we went up north to Petoskey to visit Smax and Barb. 
We had a grand time seeing them and also visiting Mackinaw and Traverse City.

Well, that's it folks, I've got some painting to do.

Thanks for taking the time to visit here. I write about once a month these days, but always desire to write a whole lot more. Keep coming back. :)


Anonymous said...

so glad i was able to help you tackle the ginormous list!!! also glad you didnt choose that horrible picture of me with my head back and mouth wide open hahaha!
your family is amazing and we are blessed to be by your side. XOXOX

Hope said...

Hi Carol,

Wow... so much going on! The photos are great - looks like you are all having FUN, even if you are so busy.

I think it sounds exciting to be having a reunion on your property. I wish I could do something like that.

Anyway, my summer is not going as I had hoped either... way too busy and not enough lounging around. Summer will end too soon. Gotta get what you can.

I do hope your reunions is all that you dream it will be.

:) Hope