Saturday, July 28, 2012

Clifford and Emily Elizabeth

We have a new addition to our family:

Charlie and Phyllis remind me of Clifford and Emily Elizabeth because of their size difference. And when I study Charlie for a bit, he reminds me so much of that big, red dog. He's funny.

He's just big.

Especially compared to this little dolly baby. 
I love her to pieces. She knows how to keep him in his place already.
But when he means business, watch out Phyllie (that's what the twins call her).

For them to be this close to each other in proximity means progress. 
But look at my dog's face. 
He doesn't look terribly pleased.

Stayed tuned for more adventures of Clifford.


Joyce said...

Aww, so cute! Hope your daughter is having a wonderful time across the pond : )

Melissa said...

they are precious! We have a black sort haired cat named Pepper and we ALL (including my doubting and nay saying husband) love him! He's got so much personality! Love your sweet ones! Pets just add so much to the family!