Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A Picture Perfect Weekend to Remember

It was a beautiful fall weekend and no better time for my honey and I to get away for a few days. It had been a very long while since it was just he and I. The timing could not be more perfect because things at work for Shawn started to heat up and get really stressful. So stressful, in fact, that he was almost called away from our respite to deal with those matters. Though I was extremely disappointed, I started to make plans to have "me" time while he helped put out some fires. His plan was to return the next day and movies and walks were on my agenda. I was thrilled, however, when he was able to stay. I would much rather share movies and walks with my Beloved. 

We were privy to some of the most beautiful colors and scenery.

Shawn was enjoying playing with our camera to get this beautiful shot.

Our friends, Jeff and Jen, let us borrow their cabin in Traverse City on High Lake. 

We would come out back to look at the view of the lake.

In the midst of relaxing, Shawn would receive an unwanted text here and there. He did his best to tune them out, but realistically had to deal with them. 

We enjoyed hot breakfasts for two each morning.

And danish from the Continental Bakery.

Shawn is known for his gentle spirit and happy heart. It's easily seen in this picture.

We drove to Traverse City to shop downtown and have a leisurely stroll. The weather was unbelievable that weekend with temps in the high 70's. I bought some goodies from Cherry Republic. They have the best chocolate covered cherries, cherry salsas, wines, and other delicious treats. My friend, Ginger, introduced me to that company last Christmas.

We went to Traverse Bay for a little bit.

We enjoy getting reflective shots on the water.

The same day that we went to Traverse City, we drove to Sleeping Bear Dunes. It's a place where you can climb and climb forever. It's great exercise and unfortunately we never made it to the water because the dunes just kept on going. It was near dark, too. 

The kiss

What a pretty farm view from on top of the dunes.

We had a great time, but there is more for me to share.
Stay tuned until next time and I promise it will not be in two months. 

Thanks for stoppying by.


fullertribe said...

Can't wait to see the to be continued! I've missed you on here but totally understand the not stop running.

Joyce said...

I just loaded pics into a post to publish tomorrow of a weekend walk we recently took. I love the is full of God's goodness and creativity! You all look so happy-glad to see you back on your blog today : )

Penny said...

Hooray! Glad you're back! =) Gorgeous pics! Looks like you had an awesome time.

Here's the recipe: Enjoy!!

Darcie said...

So glad you could have this time together! I loved how you explained your husband and how you said it shows in the really does. You two are a beautiful couple!

Denise said...

Gorgeous pictures Carol, thanks for sharing, and I love the pic of hubby and the moon :)