Monday, September 26, 2011

Open Mic Night & Biggy Boo!

Monday is seemingly my busiest day and yet I am finding the time to post before I run, run, run! 

A couple of weeks ago, our church's youth group called Impact, had an Open Mic night where students could sing, dance, show a video they made, display their photography, or do just about anything. Our girls started painting these cute cartoon characters on canvases after their friend Renae introduced it to them. In this photo Melanie was talking about the ones she created.

Braaten Noelle was showing all of us the pretty ones she made. What a great experience for her to get up there and share them with us. Great job, girls!

Melanie also decided to play a piano piece that she has been working on for her upcoming recital. She played, Blessed Be Your Name, absolutely beautifully. 

I stood there in awe of her talent and her bravery to just get up there and do it. Wow! 

And on a very separate note, here is one of our kitty cats named Biggie Boo. OK, so it's a funny name, but he has several versions because when all of the kittens were born this spring & summer, my kiddos gave them names. He has been called Big Boy mainly, but I wanted to call him Bob or Bobby. Melanie started saying Biggie Boo and it is beginning to stick.

He is way cuter than he looks in this photo and he is really active. He was most likely trying to get down out of my grip.

Mellie loves all of the kittens & cats we have. There's Lilly and Ying, the 2 adult cats that each had a litter of kittens. And the ones we have kept are Daisy Loo, Ying's offspring, and Biggie Boo, Lillie's offspring. We also have Beans who hasn't been given away yet. She might be a keeper as well. 

Happy Monday! 


Catherine Anne said...

This is such a fun post! Hope all is wonderful and blessed in your world~

Darcie said...

Your girls are so brave, and so talented! Love the pictures of them and you with you precious little cat. Biggy Boo is adorable.