Thursday, September 08, 2011

floating down the colorado river

Pam over at "You're Gonna Miss This" is officially my hero of the day!! She helped me to figure out how to put my photos onto Picasa. I'm still working on that, but in the meantime I was able to see Phil's photos that he sent us on a zip drive.  That makes Phil my 2nd hero of the day. These are his photos!! My 3rd hero, since it bears mentioning is Picasa! I can finally blog about our amazing and blessed vacation.

On this particularly hot day (about 103 degrees down in Bryce canyon), we set out to float down the Colorado River. The entire venture would span 4 hours and my day started out really rocky. No pun intended. 

In the middle of the night I realized something didn't feel right concerning my bladder and I didn't think I'd be able to enjoy this day together with everyone.

I had to visit an Urgent Care facility and they would be the hero of that particular day for me. What's with all of these heroes I speak of anyway? My true hero, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, is the hero of them all everyday, all day, but He supplies me with earthly heroes and I guess that is a sub theme of this post, the primary theme being our joyous travels with Phil, Jane, Amy, and Megan.

We were told to drink plenty of water as we floated, and the heat of the day begged for water poured over the heads of those that requested it. 

Brace yourselves, girls!

How absolutely gorgeous!!

You are, too, Aus. You are growing up into a very handsome, sweet, and dreamy gentleman.

When I shared with Jane that I didn't think I could join them on the float, she reminded me of the regret I would feel if I didn't. She secretly planned on sacrificing her own trip if I insisted that I could not do it. Jane, I know you'll read this. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a true friend that will stand by my side no matter what. I have a handful, or maybe two because I'm blessed, of that kind of friend, and I can't say thank you enough. I love you!

Do you see the scale of those rocks? The color, the beauty, the majesty? Thank you, Lord, for all you have created.

Phil, what amazing photos you've taken. Look at the skies against the red rock.

Our guide stopped so that we can swim in the ice cold water. It was so refreshing! Cooper and Braaten were having fun.

If you asked Shawn what one of his favorite parts of this vacation was, and there were many, he would say it was swimming in the Colorado River. It was the ultimate experience for him.

I happened to mention to Jane that if Sarah were standing near me, she'd have me in the water in a heartbeat, or at least she would try. By golly, if I hadn't turned my back, I might have seen her coming! The temptation was too great and Phil was having a field day behind his lens.

She did not get me fully immersed, but she came pretty close. Me and my big mouth.

Seeing this photo of the pure joy on Shawn's face reminds me of how he loved it.
I love you, Babe. You are always my hero.

Jane after her victory! 
See what I would have missed if I didn't go on this trip.

Mr. Photographer took a dip, too. Shawn was in charge of his camera at that point.

One final dip before getting back on the float.

I want to go back there. Looking outside right now- it's chilly, rainy, the pool is still open, and it feels like Autumn. Missing the heat and beauty of Utah.

Austin and Cooper were enjoying the cold lemonade that our guide provided. He had them in a canvas bag on a rope in the water for us.

Jane, Carol, Grant,  and Shawn.

Phil and Jane

Melanie and Megan became friends with Jordan (sitting in the middle).

Austin, Cooper, Amy and Braaten.

Jane and Phil told us that their trip to America was the trip of a lifetime. Our trip out west was exactly the same for us. It was wonderful!


Darcie said...

It looked absolutley amazing! There is something about being so close to nature that makes you feel so close to your creator. To think of the work of his hand in nature, being the same work that he can perform in us...breathtaking.

So glad you were able to figure out how to upload your pictures...enjoying looking at them all.

chili pepper said...

Amazing view... amazing pictures... can not believe those rocks! It looks like a splendid trip, Carol.

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Oh my goodness. How incrediably fun and beautiful. I'm hoping to be able to do this one day.
Looks like you all had a great time.

Mayra Moreno said...

Great pictures. Glad you were able to enjoy your trip. Very scenic views.

fullertribe said...

I can't wait until we take our kids there. I felt the same way about the views when we went to Nevada.