Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Dreamy Weekend (part deux)

Dinner must wait!
I am choosing to write a post instead of shaping hamburger patties and putting them on our griddle made for large families. I love that griddle! It cooks 8 pancakes at a time, 8 burgers, 2 pounds of bacon. Not all together you understand. Well, you get the idea.
By golly I said that I would write another post in less than two months and so I am choosing just over 24 hours. How's that for keeping my word?? 
I love to write and share my little world with you. It brings joy to my heart.

Ok, back to our weekend...

I ended my last post with this picture of Shawn. It bears reposting.
 How cool is that moon? 

After we unsuccessfully reached the water to get photos of the sunset, we jumped back in our truck and drove closer to Lake Michigan.
It was so pretty.

It is extremely enjoyable to run down the dunes and feel the cool sand between your toes. 
Today I'm looking at snow outside my window. How did that happen so fast?

After staying at the cottage for a couple of days, our next stop was Mackinaw Island. But before we got on the ferry to get to the island, we just had to cross the Mackinaw Bridge to say we've been to the Upper Peninsula. I know. We are silly!

Arnold Transit is the company we used to get over to the island.

Automobiles are not allowed on the island which means you walk or take a horse and carriage.

It is such a quaint place to visit. I wish we had a little more time there.
And if you'll stay with me on this series of posts, I'll have the best part of the trip here tomorrow. I don't want to wear you out with too many photos. If I'm being honest, those hamburgers are calling my name. Yum!

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fullertribe said...

Mackinac Island is one of my most favorite places, that's probably why I got married there :) We haven't been in a couple of years and I was just talking with John on the phone today and told him that we are going next year for sure! :)