Saturday, January 24, 2009

You're Gonna Miss This... Moment (planning parties)

Even though it takes time and some imagination, I'll miss planning kid birthday parties one day. It's especially challenging when the party comes after the actual birthday. Somehow you have less energy to pull it off the way you imagined. It is well worth it in the end, though.

Braaten turned 11 a couple of weeks ago. She invited several pairs of sisters (they all have a younger sister for Melanie, our younger daughter). The theme of the party was "Sister/Friend Makeovers". They each had the opportunity to do hair and make-up on their sister or friend. So here's how it all worked out.

Lots of girls sitting in the 2nd floor landing having fun doing what girls dream to do when they grow up. Mind you, I in no way encourage doing all of this at a young age... 16 or 17 years of age would be just right for our family. Hey, maybe even older. :-)

Megan was not having so much fun at this point.

These two sisters, Claire and Camille, had fun over-doing it a bit.

And this is the whole bunch!

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He And Me + 3 said...

I will miss those moments of planning parties too. I love that. Great party idea too! My oldest would love it. They all looked so pretty:)

Maria G. said...

Looks like they had a blast! As the mom of a 21yr old girl & 18 month girl, I do sooo miss those moments & am sooo looking forward to them. Thanks!

Pam said...

well... i hear you on this one too... i suppose I'll miss it... but having just pulled it off (barely!!) again, it was worth it but tireing!!

momstheword said...

This looks like they had so much fun! Our boy-parties were more athletic and outdoorsy as befits manly-man, lol!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a great memory...I planned parties for my boys until they were 5 and I will plan again when they are 10! I do miss it though, but I live through and her planning! LOL

Rachel said...

That is such a great party idea! I'm going to tuck that one away for when my Brinley get's a bit older!

Love your blog by the way!! :)