Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Roast

About a week ago some friends from church invited us over for Sunday lunch. It was delicious! It's very typical for the English to roast some type of meat and then have loads of side dishes. They roast a variety of potato that is cut up into large chunks in the oven in oil. I recently read a recipe in a magazine around Christmastime for roasted potatoes that were made in goose fat. Having read that, I assumed that's how all roasted potatoes are made here. I mentioned it to my friend, Shirley, who confirmed that goose fat is not, in fact, the way most people brown their vegetables (or veg as they say). She then promised to find some for me since I seemed convinced that I must do it this way. 

Since I really like cooking and our family thoroughly enjoyed eating at our friends' home, I decided that Sunday roast, as a tradition, would be something we would adopt as well. I had planned to roast an unsmoked ham (gammon), try my hand at Yorkshire pudding and also make "bread sauce" for the first time. Included in the menu was buttered carrots as well as broccoli.

We also found out that gravy is poured over everything and not a scrap gets left at the end. 

The Yorkshire pudding is on the left with gravy in the middle and the bread sauce is the white stuff towards the bottom and is hard to see. 

We had the gammon in the oven while at church and then had to finish everything else when we returned home. It took awhile so my bunch was hungry. Bon appetit!  


Lois Lane II said...

How cool! That looks so delicious, too (and I'm even more sad because I'm munching on raw carrots, lol!).

He And Me + 3 said...

We had roast every Sunday after church growing up. I loved come home to a yummy smelling house. MMMMMMMmmm. It looks delicious by the way.