Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Awesome In-laws!

My in-laws are great. I actually met them a few years before I met my husband. Strange, you say. That's because I was at their son, Tim's, wedding who married my cousin, Jill. Yes, a couple of brothers ended up marrying a pair of cousins. 

I also had the privilege of working on my father-in-law's back as I was studying to be a chiropractor. When I had visited Jill, she asked if I would take a look at my FIL's lower back to see if I could help him. So I knew them first and had not idea who this "Shawn" was. He never even entered the picture until I went to a 4th of July gathering that Tim and Jill hosted a couple of years later.

They live in Indiana where they raised my husband, along with 5 other children. They had 5 boys and 1 girl (John, Kris, Tim, Scott, Todd, and my prince charming, Shawn).  

This swing is down at the pond where our kids fish and swim and enjoy hot dog roasts.  

Grandpa and Austin were shucking corn.

This bench is on their front porch. The kids are happiest in Indiana when we are visiting. We have always lived in another state and have traveled back there to see them. They have tons of cousins to play with, too. Whenever we show up the noise multiplies and that's when Grandpa finds chores to do outside. It's both therapeutic and peaceful for him. He loves his grandchildren, mind you, it just gets very LOUD. :-)

Every night they do the dishes together and just talk. They talk about anything and everything and connect in a beautiful way. Isn't it so important to talk and stay strong?

What a handsome chap! My budding photographer, Braaten, captured it.

I'm so thankful for my in-laws. God has really blessed me. If our children had any place in the world to choose to live, it would be Indiana. 


Mahizan said...

just drop by..

Pam said...

I vote for Indiana too!! Great post!

He And Me + 3 said...

I love my in laws too and our kids always want to vacation to see them. So sweet. Grandparents are the best. Great pictures too.

Laughing Momma said...

I love your in laws too...I am a Cub Fan...and Cubbie fans stick together.

Gotta love cousin love...my kids only have one little cousin here, the rest are in Cali and Fl...but boy do I know about the noise they can create.