Saturday, July 18, 2009

You're Gonna Miss This Moment

Food Loiterers!

Does anyone else have these lurking about their kitchen? I don't mean cockroaches! In our home their names are Grant and Cooper, our precious twins. 

Each and every morning, they wake up with such joy, ready to start their day. They are filled with excitement and anticipation of a blessed day. They also have very hungry tummies and they want breakfast "yesterday". 

Come along with me and let me show you what this looks like in my kitchen...


On this particular day, I am making French toast and only Cooper is at my hip watching every step of preparation in anticipation of filling his tummy. You would normally see Grant, too. 

He also helps by setting the table, getting ingredients out, and wanting to help in any way to facilitate the process. If he wasn't talking to me as I cook, I think I would hear his stomach growling. He appears to be that hungry!

At this point, I had Braaten snapping pictures because it occurred to me that these boys do this daily and it needs to be captured! I'm not sure why Grant was missing out on all this culinary fun.

Can you just see the anticipation?

This is a happy kid! I love him.

Braaten felt the need to capture the beauty of the toast.

And, YES!, he picks the entire thing up with his fork and goes at it just like so. 

Does anyone else have food loiterers? It's a funny term but oh so true.  I have a funny feeling that these little guys are going to do this for years to come, so I think I will miss them at this age. It's when I really noticed that this happens. 

Check out Pam's blog here, and tell about a moment that you will one day miss. It is a great weekly blog carnival. And honestly, aren't there about a million moments we are going to miss, even though sometimes we wish those moments away? 


Kat said...

Hi, Carol.

I've been missing you. Such a hectic couple of weeks! I, too, have food loiters but they are my teenage daughters! Everyone told me the boys would develop huge appetites...but they haven't yet. No one warned me how much my skinny teenage daughters would eat! I am shocked that they can eat half a pizza and as soon as the dishes are done they are back in the kitchen getting fruit and back again a while later looking for dessert.

I do enjoy having my kids in the kitchen with me as I work. Even my just turned 4 year old knows how to make bread and bake cookies. They all like to gather ingredients, stir and dump things in the bowl or pot as we go.

I will indeed miss it one day!

Rachel said...

Oooh...that'd make me nervous.

btw, from what I can see of those jeans, they are VERY non-Mom-jeans! I like 'em! :)

Tara Steffen Fotos said...

Me! I do! The little bandits are called "raiders of the lost pop tarts"! ( they used to hide them from each other!) I would find them all over the house!

Andrea said...

Looks familiar. For sometime we had 5 of them in our kitchen. Now, we only have one. Time has flown and they are making their own way in the world. Enjoy this time!
GOD BLESS, andrea

PS: Urgent prayer request on my blogs for a fellow blogger.

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun boys are like that too! They eat their pancakes in one piece and it bugs me!! Cute photos...great job sister!

He & Me + 3 said...

Yes, I have children that open the fridge hourly just to see if anything new has appeared to eat since the last time they looked. LOL
My kids are always hungry for something. Loved his sweet smile!

Unknown said...

I love that he goes full boar with picking it up!!! You have a cute family!

Mikki said...

Cute post.

Having two teenage girls.. I don't have this problem too much. Most of the time they are fixing their own breakfast..

I do miss those days though..

Kat said...


I forgot to tell you that my friend Heather Kay at Beauty for ashes did a neat food/kitchen post recently that I think you would like. Check it out at

I went to Home Depot today and finally remembered to check on that pinchey tool for you. They do still sell them. They are $4.97! Can you believe that? I decided since everyone loved it so much I am going to do a giveaway...maybe one day this week...depending on how my schedule pans out.

Cal said...

Such precious moments and memories.

Pam said...

Great Moment Carol! how sweet your boys are!!

Heart2Heart said...


Yummmm! French toast looks so amazing and yummy! I want to be a food loiterer in your kitchen.

Maybe I will make some later! Love that and yes, I do too! Have one food loiterer, and it's my hubby! He is always "sampling" as he calls it!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

E @ Scottsville said...

Man,I came over to see pics of your Rip-Stik Ridin' Fool... Where are they? You're gonna make me wait, huh?


So where've you been lately? I've missed your lovely comments here in blogland!