Thursday, July 23, 2009

52 Weeks ~ 4/52 Photos of Me

Forever In Blue Jeans

I recently decided to join this weekly meme which Carin created over at "Forever in Blue Jeans".  For 52 weeks you have the opportunity to get a photo that you are in and blog about it. I personally think that dads miss out as well, and so I guess they should participate, too. I'm just sayin'... 

This is my boy, Austin. My firstborn. A 13 year old. I love him to pieces, but he tries my patience. I think we might have been having a heart-to-heart just before this was taken or maybe that talk happened 5 minutes ago. They happen a lot. Does anyone else have lots of talks with their teenager(s). 

I am trying to get used to him having more of an opinion and let me just say, it's hard. He is sweet, precious, and loving, and he gets moody, irritable and at times is obnoxious. He reacts to my moodiness and has no problem letting me know how he feels.

Lord, I pray for wisdom in helping Austin figure things out as he grows and develops into a young man. I pray that He continues to love and serve you and above all else gives Glory to Your Holy Name in all he says and does.  In Jesus' Name, Amen and Amen.

On a little different note, these are some of my girlfriends. It was Jane's (in the pink) 40th birthday we were celebrating. I was honored to have been invited to join these ladies in celebrating her. 

(From Left to Right: Me, Deb, Jane, Deb, Pam, and another Deb~~ I'm not even kidding)

Go on over to Carin's and join the fun.


Darcie said...

Fun pictures for this week.

Love the picture of you and your son! Just thinking about what you wrote about him. Maybe it is more the oldest that we deal with these things. I notice I have more of these issues with my 15 1/2 year old, and thought it was because she was a girl. On the other hand my son the 13 year has been pretty smooth sailing(for now). Maybe its because both us parents and they are learning how to move through this new stage in life. Not always easy.

Hopping on as a follower..always feel like I need to tell people. ;o)

Heart2Heart said...


I too am in the midst of dealing with teens and their issues. Not only with my soon to be 16 year old daughter Caitlyn, but also all her friends that range in age from 14 to 18.

Sometimes they don't have parents that care or are willing to listen and give their advice. So I listen a lot to them and offer suggestions. Who knows where it will go but at least they know we love and care for them!

I think the biggest things for our kids is they think we don't know what we are talking about. That things aren't the same. I guess I put it in terms of how I dealt with things and even go into detail with how I wound up there and how I got out.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Our oldest is 16 now, and I definitely think 13-14 was MUCH MUCH harder! He is such a joy to be around now. Hang in there!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those were great pictures. What a fun time with all those ladies. Must be nice to have so many close friends to celebrate each others special occasions with. You are all beautiful

LisaShaw said...

Love the photos!

Your son is so handsome!

All the ladies are beautiful! I remember my 40th Birthday party it was a blast!

Blessings and love!

McCrakensx4 said...

What great pictures. You have such a hansome boy...he's gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!
And what fun to have a girls night in...for any reason!

Joyce said...

I think 13 is a challenging age, girl or boy. I also think we learn alot about ourselves in raising teenagers. I know those years with my own girls kept me focused and diligent in my prayer life.

I do agree about the first born thing...sometimes I think we moms put all of our hopes and expectations on the first born-we want them to be the child we always pictured having. It seems easier to allow later children to just be who they are. That being said though...first borns do tend to rise to the occasion. My husband was a first born and I know he gave his parents a run for thier money. He's a successful adult now : )

E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, Jane is 40? She looks like she's in her 20's. You be sure to tell her that I said that!

Great pictures! =0)

God a Have Faith said...

Great Pictures again! I am happy that you get the time to be with your family! You all look so happy together. I myslef have been so busy with work for the past yar traveling all throughout the states that I have missed valuable family time that I can never get back.

Thank you for sharing your family stories with us fellow Bloggers!

Have a great Summer!

Pam said...

What sweet pictures. I too have issues with my teen.
She's 16, but sometimes it seems she thinks she knows much more than me.
Sometimes though I see glimpses of how she will be in adulthood and am encouraged!

Mikki said...

What fun pictures..
Ahh.. the teenage years. They can be a little trying but I'm truly finding it to be so amazing to see them growing up..

But it is hard sometimes feeling like I don't know anything..LOL