Friday, July 01, 2011

not such a good idea...

sometimes you have to take a chance...
and just hope it works out.

I had this ridiculous notion that if I bought these gigantic cleats at a steal
that I could put them on e-bay and perhaps make a small profit.
I should have realized that the tiny market that might be looking for 

a size 16 football cleat, or

maybe even a size 17
might not be interested in these particular beauties. 
You gotta laugh at yourself sometimes.

My son, Austin, on the other hand, got a hunch about these bad boys.
He paid $3.99 and sold them for $16.05.
Nice job, Son.

My girlfriend Liz and I were talking about how I hadn't written a post in awhile which is why I came up with this brilliant topic. 
It's part of what's happening around here these days so why not post about it. 

Be blessed this Independence Day.
We are having some great weather around here which makes for a fun weekend.

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The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Sorry that didn't work out for you. That Ebay thing is always a tricky thing.
I have a friends whose daughter goes to yard sales and flea markets looking for leather boots - than sells them online for double.. it's crazy..

Happy 4th of July