Friday, July 15, 2011

the handsome men in my life

Watching them watch a baseball game never looked so good.

My firstborn started driver training this week.. Can he really be that old?
I love it when he wears those blue shades.

What a great shot of Grant. Oh, those eyes...

And a sweaty Cooper, sitting on the bench waiting for his turn to bat, makes my heart skip a beat.

I wonder what Grant is pondering here. I love that he has a Union Jack shirt on in front of our colonial flag. And today marks exactly 2 weeks before our British friends come for Holiday at our house.

That cone looks mighty good!

And you, My Love, make my heart beat faster. 

Cool twin shot. Who is who? Can you guess?

Still waiting for his turn to bat...

How's your summer going?
Mine has been busy, but blessed. 


chili pepper said...

That is one handsome crew you have there. Glad to hear you are enjoying your summer. It is going by way too fast!



Darcie said...

What a sweet post on all the handsome men in your life! Happy for this post during your busy summer! Enjoy the rest, my friend.

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

What a great post!!
And looks like someone has been having a lot of fun with their camera!!

Rachel said...

Those are definitely some handsome fellows!!!

Denise said...

Great pics of your boys:-) Out summer is super hot (can't say I like that part) but very lazy too, I'm lovin that part ;-)

fullertribe said...

This was a great post. I look forward to reading everytime you post something new. We have two working on getting their license this year. Lots of fun :)

Mayra Moreno said...

Great pictures Carol. The boys are surely handsome. My Austin is driving. I still cannot believe it. He is so mature and responsible. Glad to see you are enjoying your summer.