Friday, July 15, 2011

Driver in Training

I can remember when Austin was about 3 years old and his grandpa, my dad, would say in his strong Jersey accent,
"Remember this kid, Austin Busse, he's gonna be famous one day." 
He said that because Austin's love of baseball and great skill set to play amazed him. He was truly proud of him. 
You have to understand that my dad was a taxi driver in New Jersey and he had the gift of gab. He loved to tell stories and hear his own voice I think. He would tell anyone willing to listen story upon story, one of which was that of his grandson who would one day be famous. 

Fast forward about 12 years and here Austin is. He's about 5 or 6 inches taller than me, still plays a mean game of baseball, he's going to be a sophomore, he loves going to church with us, fishing is one of his most favorite hobbies, and this week I took him to driver training every morning. 

He'll have a license before we know it!

I can still picture his curly locks and his dimpled chin as he would gaze up at me and ask me to read a book to him. I can remember him asking me to draw his favorite drawing... a fish. He'd say, "You do da fish!" Everyone that was willing would draw that same fish for him and it made him really happy.

My boy is growing up. He's a young man and I sure am proud of him.
His grandpa would have been, too.


The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Oh girl.. this has been my life for about that past 3 years. Both my girls are now 18 and 19 and it's like I blinked and they grew up.

Cherish it though.. I found myself so sad that they weren't babies that I was missing the fun of them being older..

Love and Blessings..

chili pepper said...

Eventhough I never met your dad I can hear that Jersey accent. Sure do miss that. I. Can hear the pride in your writing... Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


Joyce said...

Kids driving. My least favorite part of parenting. Although, I do think its easier with boys. My hair turned a deeper shade of gray when my girls learned to drive.

I love having grown up kids though...they are a lot of fun too!

John said...

I really love up kids for driving training.

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jules said...

It is truly amazing how fast those little ones grow right before our eyes. It sure tugs at a Mom's heart strings....