Monday, February 21, 2011

ramblings from a non-consistent blogger

Let's have a chat, shall we?

I think it's high time to give a Busse Family Update. It's driving me batty, however, that I am not inspired in any consistent way to blog on a regular basis. That bugs me! I can chalk it up to being very busy, aren't we all, but also I don't know what to write about, or I am simply too tired. And with that, I also don't read my favorite blogs (yours) and then when I do blog, I don't hear from many. I understand that, but it's still hard. If I write for the original purpose, however, which is to journal about my family, then comments shouldn't matter, right. OK, now that I got that all off my chest, I can write. 

Today Austin, my freshman, the one I put in school after 7 years of homeschooling, has a snow day. A snow day for him means a snow day for the rest of us. I homeschool our other 4 and we like a little time off here and there. BTW, Austin is doing fabulously in school. He was ready, we were ready, and God prepared us all for this new venture. He received high honors for his first semester and we couldn't be more proud of him. He's very diligent in his school work and he is currently on the freshmen basketball team to add to his schedule. It does get busy. He is just about done with basketball, and baseball is sneaking in the back door.

Braaten, our beautiful 13 year old girl has been saving her money. Why you ask? Well, saving is a good thing, but she has a very specific reason for this particular savings. England!! She has decided that she wants to save her money to buy her very own plane ticket to go back and visit her friends. We are so proud of her! She is the same girl that couldn't wait to get back to America to be back with the friends she left, to see family on a more regular basis, and to resume life as it once was before we left. Little did she know that she would miss (very much) all that she left back in the U.K. Speaking of missing it... we all do. God really blessed us with friendships, a church, traveling opportunities, and so much more than that, and we all miss it. I keep waiting for my hubby to have to go back to Manchester on a busy trip to go right along with him. A business class ticket is at least equal to about 3 or 4 tickets in coach. Who needs comfier seats and ice cream sundaes? Not me if it means I get to go back. Back to Braaten, she is now watching children to earn some money and is accompanying me at Bible study and taking care of the little ones while we study Beth Moore's, Esther. A whole other topic... I adore Beth Moore!

Little Miss Mellie, my soon-to-be 11 year old, loves to spend all of her time with big sis. They do just about everything together which means she helps out with the kiddos in the nursery. Mel is full of energy and enjoys cooking with her mama. She is a soccer playing girl and really wants to get back into dance. I keep resisting that because it makes for an even busier schedule. The dance schools typically go from September to June. Maybe in September we can start her up, but at that time, she'll be back into volleyball.

Grant, aka baby a, that's how they name twins in utero. He is a serious reader. He loves when I take them all to the library and when you are bringing 4 homeshcooled kids there, at least 80 books and some videos come home with you. I'm not exaggerating. I will not complain about my childrens' love of reading. Grant does chores every morning which include either taking care of our 3 outdoor cats, or the 9 chickens we have. He is very helpful. He's been playing basketball for an Upward team in which my hubby coaches. Last Saturday he scored putting his team in the lead and they brought home their first win of the season. It's been a rough season for those boys, but at their age, they are just happy to be together.

Cooper, who was once known as baby b, is my youngest of the five. He was 12 minutes apart from Grant, and is my affectionate boy. He loves to say each day, "Good monrning, mom" with a big smile and a kiss on my lips. He melts my heart. He helps by doing the opposite chore that Grant does. They swap each week, and collect the eggs or feed the cats. I love getting those fresh eggs. Coop plays basketball, too, and loves it. He takes after his big brother, Austin, and spends a lot of time with him. And since Austin loves sports, Cooper naturally follows in his footsteps.

As for my husband and I, we have been diligently getting ready to open my own chiropractic office at home. Yesterday, he painted the room in which I will see patients, and I painted a hutch that'll go in there to put products that I will be selling. The hold-up to officially opening has been my license. It lapsed while I lived in England which meant taking several continuing education classes between November and January. I recently completed 42 hours and submitted my application last Wednesday. I will probably receive what I need in about a month or so. 

Well, fellow bloggers and friends, I hope you are having a wonderful Monday.


Joyce said...

Well I for one am always happy when I see your name pop up in my reader. I'm glad you took some time to catch us up and like you said, down the road you won't care so much about readers. You'll just be glad you recorded these days and moments for your family. Good luck with your business endeavor!

Darcie said...

I can add a ditto to Joyce...LOVE when I see your updates. About those comments...I noticed mine had gone down too(before posts about moving), and was taking stock before that, and realizing that I either had to blog for ME or don't blog at all. BUT...I do love the connection that I have made with several bloggers out there...YOU for one.

I think this post was so perfect in catching up with your family. It was a tidbit of everything that you will love reading years from now. You have one amazing and beautiful family. I also know that your chiro business will just flourish. Wish we lived closer...chiro's are a part of our life down here.

Hugs my friend.

chili pepper said...

I loved reading your family update. I agree, I love reading when you have time to post.

I have been a lame follower and a lame blogger for some time now, and with current issues can't promise that will change any time soon. It is not that I don't want to every day but somehow bedtime comes and I realize it didn't happen.

I also ditto Darcie's comment in that I noticed love notes from readers have gone way down and it can get discouraging to keep writing and not know who you are writing for. I started blogging primarily to keep up with my sister who lives over seas and since she hasn't been speaking to us since June, I wonder what the point is. Then I get a note from a friend who lives far away, who never leaves a comment on my blog, telling me how much a certain post brightened her day. Or a new reader will write me an email telling me how much a certain post encouraged her in her walk with the Lord. Then I remember that although I started this blog for me, God found a purpose for it that I must now fulfill. And even though I may not hear from them very often, a hundred people are reading every day and I may never know how I touched their lives... but just the same, lives are being touched.

Keep writing when you can and we will keep reading and commenting when we can. Deal?



Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I enjoyed reading about your family, and about you too (in the question and answer post). Baby A and baby B, I remember that well :-) It sounds like you have a wonderful family!