Monday, February 14, 2011

My Sweet Valentine

Today I woke up to find a red mini rose plant, tulips, a heart-shaped box of truffles, and some Ghiarde*li milk chocolate covered caramel at the kitchen table where I sit. My hubby also hired my daughter to make a handmade card to write me a love note. I love his notes.

I am blessed.

When I think about how God orchestrated everything to bring us together, I am amazed. We found each other when we least expected it, and our love continues to grow daily. 

Keeping the Lord as our first love, the center of our family, the One who is the Leader of everything, is the key to it all. I know there are times when we try to lead, do our will, and make poor choices. But when God truly is the center, all is well.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Darcie said...

Happy Valentines Day to you and your husband. You are a beautiful couple!

Penny said...

Wonderful post! Happy Valentine's Day

chili pepper said...

What greater joy can there be to be married to God's perfect man for you who just so happens to fill your heart with happiness and fulfill your romantic dreams? I not found anything here on earth to match it?