Sunday, January 02, 2011

a smattering of things...

I have a new look here at "Joy in the Journey". What do you think?
All of the credit goes to Tricia Nae Designs.
Thanks, Tricia, for all you did to make this exactly what I wanted.

Well, Christmas time was wonderful! Our family loves celebrating Christmas... from the decorating, to seeing everyone's outdoor lights, to visiting with friends and family, to baking a gazillion cookies and passing them out to neighbors, to singing at our Christmas Eve service, to buying fun things to give, to eating the yummiest of foods, and, most importantly to celebrate our Lord and Savior's birth.

We love all of it!

 One thing my husband has done for years is take time off work between Christmas and New Year's. We cherish all of the hubby/daddy time we get with him. He loves taking the time to get things a bit more organized in our home, like the kids' closets, or the pantry, garage, etc. He's a doer and loves checking things off his own mental list. I love his mental list. 

Yesterday we went to Indiana just for the day for the Busse family Christmas at his mom and dad's. All of his siblings and their families came and we ate, talked, played games, did a white elephant gift exchange, let the kids open their presents, and just enjoyed being together. It was peaceful, relaxing, and wonderful. There was lots of napping going on, and basketball playing in the hay mow.

Can you believe these are the only photos I took all day!

Today it was time to put all of the Christmas things away. Boy, do we have too much stuff! It accumulates over the years and people give you things, and it's just a lot. I love all of my little chochkies (how does one spell that word?), snowmen, santa's, and ornaments that the children have made.

This year my hubby made a star for me to put over the mantel. I showed him a picture and described what I wanted. I got the idea from this blog. So I went out shopping one day and while I was away he made the star. How romantic! He went outside, collected some branches, tied them together, and strung some lights around it. I just love it! Next year I will finish it with the sign that reads, "Star of Wonder, Star of Night."

This is the star, but pardon my inability to use my camera to its best capabilities. I am more than frustrated by not knowing how to use the thing. We've had it for years! I believe it was last year that I was supposed to take a photography class and get a clue. I think I'll have to settle for learning things on-line and through bloggers.

On a much more serious note, I was reading a blog that sends me an e-mail when a new post has come out. Out of the sheer convenience of being notified, I usually click on it and read the post. To my horror and sadness, I found out the Edie's, from Life in Grace, home burned down to the ground. Praise the Lord her entire family plus their two dogs were safe. But how tragic. She wrote a post about it and the emotions she is feeling. All I can say is that she has one of the strongest faiths I have ever encountered. And through her pain, I must reflect on my own life and walk, and growth in Him, my Savior.

She will be ok, but it's only because of Him.


chili pepper said...

Sounds like a beautiful holiday for all involved.

A beautiful star Sean made for you... yes, very romantic.

My hubby has taken off from our anniversary (Dec. 20) until after New Year's Day every year since we were married. I love the coziness of being at home together and just doing nothing or doing some projects or whatever. Vacation is great, but there is something fun about being at home for an extended time without any pressure to get something done or go somewhere.



Joyce said...

My hubs always takes that time off was hard to send him on his way today!

I love the new background on your blog~so pretty!

Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!

Darcie said...

How great that Sean can take time off during Christmas and New Years. I think a lot of people do that, and it makes it so much easier to be in the moment during those times. Great star..made from love. :-)

So sad to read about that poor family(clicked over), and you are right...what a beautiful spirit she has through it all.

Diana said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!!! Thanks for sharing the news of a precious blogger.

steffenboysmom said...

Love that star. I finally got all my stuff put away too yesterday. Dusty!!!

Roger and I were not ready to go back to work either, and I'm pretty sure my boys would have liked to have stayed home.

For some reason we are less than excited about a new year this year. But I'm expecting God to show Himself in amazing ways!