Saturday, January 08, 2011

My Beautiful 13 Year Old Girlie!

Happy Birthday, Braaten!

Last year I did a birthday post with a ton of pictures when Braaten turned 12. And just so I can get a birthday post up on her actual birthday, I am repeating a few photos and adding one from today. 

My little sweet was 4 months old here.

And I always get a kick out of this funny little picture. Check her out sitting there all relaxed with her foot on her knee. Ha! I love it!

She is a big 5 year old in this one. I love that big, beautiful smile.

And may I introduce you to Braaten Noelle as a teenager.

I love you, Braa, for your beautiful heart, your love for Jesus, your commitment to our family, the joy you have when you are with your friends, your silly, funny self, your help in our home, the laughter you bring, your lovely English accent, the style you have, how you want to remain pure for God, your love of music, how you enjoy watching movies and reading good books. I love your dimples, your long, thick, straight hair, how incredibly smart you are, how you love design whether it involves home or fashion, and how you always come up to me and kiss me on my cheek and say, "I love you, Mama." 

You are one special girl and I love you more than my own life.

I pray wonderful, rich blessings on you in the coming year and always, Precious.


Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet teenager : ) I got a little teary eyed reading this...mine is heading back to uni today after being home for almost a month. You very quickly get used to having them at home!

Hope your girl has a wonderful year!

steffenboysmom said...

Beautiful Post Carol! I can hear how much you love her!

Happy Birthday Braten!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl... wow, 13 comes around quickly, just 3 more years and Kristen will be there too.

MiMi said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment you left on my blog! It feels good to be back blogging again....I didn't realize how much I missed it! ( :

Happy Birthday to your baby girl! What a beautiful post and what a beautiful little teenager...but you sure don't look like you could possibly have a teenage daughter!

Happy Birthday, Braaten!

He & Me + 3 said...

OMGosh she is just beautiful. Happy birthday to your teenager Braaten

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Braaten!! I had forgotten that our girls shared a birthday. What a sweet birthday post!!

Darcie said...

How did she already get to be 13! She is so beautiful Carol.

Happy 13th to her!!

Nicepureboy said...

Im 13 too, and she is hot.