Thursday, January 13, 2011

first fruits

Proverbs 3:9-10 
  Honor the LORD with your wealth,
   with the firstfruits of all your crops;
 then your barns will be filled to overflowing,
   and your vats will brim over with new wine.
This post started simply with a photo I wanted to capture as I looked out my front door at my neighbor’s place about 45 minutes ago. I thought, “What a beautiful picture that will be. Let me run and get my camera and capture it.” My secondary thought was that I had to blog about it, of course, mainly to share the beauty I was witnessing.
The next step ... Upload it onto my computer so I can boost the color.
And further, the Lord reminded me of this scripture verse about “barns.” So I looked it up at Biblegateway and found the perfect one. I think God was showing me again that He provides for my every need. 
Oh, how I praise Him.
I am amazed at God’s provision when I think about the decision we made many years ago to be obedient and tithe. We were of the mindset that we would not be able to pay all our bills if we gave “10%” or more. Oh my, would we have to get rid of cable? Would I have to stop buying scrap book supplies or that new sweater? The questions came quickly, but our obedience won out. God told my husband through a Promise Keepers convention that it was indeed time to do what He calls us to do in His Word. To give the first fruits of our labor.
After that Promise Keepers weekend, Shawn called me from work to share what the Holy Spirit was convicting him to do.I paused ... I was silent for a brief moment. My husband was quiet on the other end, giving me time to sort this out in my head. I said, “How?” Shawn’s reply, “I don’t know, but God does.” It only took a few seconds to reconcile the conversation that was taking place in my mind. My desire was to do God’s will with no further question.
On that very same day, and I am not exaggerating, my husband received 3 separate phone calls of new positions that he could choose from which resulted in a promotion and a higher salary. The increase totaled almost exactly 10%.
I praise Him.
My pastor often says, “God is not trying to take something from you. He is trying to give something to you.” How very true. He blesses us in relationships, in our marriages, with our children, and in our work.He gives us peace, joy, hope, unconditional love, and life. And if we receive Him as Lord and Savior, He gives us eternal life.
So what started out to be a simple photo of a winter scene turned out to be a reminder that I serve an awesome God who loves me with an everlasting love. 


The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Don't you just love to SEE God at work.. not only through His amazing artistic Creators hand, but through His Word and direction..

Blessings to you my sweet friend

Darcie said...


I can't tell you how much I LOVE this post. I love when people share experiences of how God's hand has worked in their life. Just when we are willing to take steps of faith and courage to do what God ask...He will provide.

Thanks for sharing.

Joyce said...

I just love to hear stories of how God is in the details of our lives. Yesterday I was out driving and the sky was so blue and seemed so big (you know how sometimes it seems bigger?) and on days like that I always find myself thinking about creation. Anyway I was blasting that Chris Tomlin song Indescribable and was so struck by how big God is and how small we are, yet he knows us by name. And He cares about us paying our electric bill and having food on the table yet He also hung the stars in the sky and turns the leaves red and I could go on and on. Indescribable is a good word : )

Have a wonderful weekend!

chili pepper said...

I love how the Lord speaks to us in something so simple as a photo of a barn.

On the other note people often ask how we can manage to support 7 children and stay home, too. A reader just emailed me again this last week. And the answer is always the same. We can't! But by trusting Him to do it and being obedient to Him in the area of missions and tithing, not only have all our needs always been met, but also the desires of our heart (like vacations) AND He has always made a way for us to give to others in need beyond our understanding. I have never been able to make it all work out on paper but somehow He always has. Praise the Lord who provides for His children.



Jules said...

I love when God does this for us....

He & Me + 3 said...

I fully believe in tithing too. It is amazing how God provides when we give HIM what is His any ways. What a testimony of His promises.

Mayra Moreno said...

This inspires me to tithe better. I would not be giving up anything. Instead always receiving God's blessings and being faithful to him in all my circumstances.