Tuesday, August 24, 2010

vacation journal (day 1)

In an effort to journal our family's adventures, vacations, happenings, goings on, issues, blessings, joys, and well you get the idea, I am posting about our whirlwind tour of D.C., Baltimore, and Jersey.

first stop... D.C.
Georgetown to be exact

I think we started off our trip pretty tired to begin with and if you look closely, you'll see some tired faces. I see lots of joy, too, which is a good thing.

My daughters have seen the show that talks about this now-famous place.
Look at that line! It was the night of the new show's debut or something like that. We did not go near that queue, nor did we think about purchasing a cupcake for 4 dollars and change. It was nice to see the place, though.

Georgetown is such a quaint place. We only stopped in briefly and mainly to get a bite to eat.

The waiting for this place was a tad too long for our hungry bellies, but I love the signage.

Everyone's always up for ice cream!

And the place that was finally chosen to eat was none other than Johnny Rockets.

Next stop the next morning... Arlington National Cemetery
A place of quiet beauty.

We walked reverently toward JFK's Memorial.

There are approximately 350,000 grave sites here.


And his bride.

I love the way my camera caught the sun's rays in the pattern of a cross.

It's impressive to watch the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier."

Our family on our way out to visit other places.

We took our share of photos at the back of the White House. I'm glad it is picturesque, but we never did get around to the front. Maybe next time. I did say it was a whirlwind tour.

My daughter, Braaten, having experience with Flat Stanley, decided that her Polly family needed to experience all of these places, too.
I thought she had a brilliant idea.

The American History Museum

Edith & Archie Bunker's chairs. My hubs insisted I be in the photo. It might be because I can slightly mimic Edith's voice when she sings in the beginning of the show. My friend, Annette, sings Archie's part.

And after walking in the hot sun, my girls might have been thinking,
"There's no place like home."

If you look near my daughter's side, you'll see the movie camera that probably weighed at least 15 pounds back in the early 80's. Yikes! Now you can fit video camera's in your pocket.

Remember this dress? Oh, it's a classic.
Friends of mine in the 7th grade used to call me Carol Burnett for kicks. You know, it's because my name is Carol and it sounded funny at the time.

Abe Lincoln's top hat.

You know those Pollies want to live in that house.

Before we made it to the museum, we took this long walk to see the Lincoln Memorial.
I wouldn't recommend a trip there in July, but anytime you go, there is so much you just have to see.

I think this was after we saw it, that we had to sit down to cool off a little.

Doesn't every 12 year old girl want to go on her daddy's back when she is hot and tired?

Ah, yes, cool water. :)

Dive in, Coop. You know you want to.

Did I mention it was hot?

We took photos of 3 of our home states.

The Washington Monument & the Mall

Such a lovely design.

The Lincoln Memorial Building

No it's not boys.

And now you're smiling again.

We enjoyed our time in Washington D.C.

Next stop... Baltimore, Maryland


Heart2Heart said...


WOW I've never seen any of these things and yet there is such silence in each of them that makes you stand back in awe of how much history is there. Love the museum, that looks like so much fun!

By the way, I wouldn't have stood in line for that long for a $4 cupcake either!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

SmallWorld at Home said...

This trip is HIGH on my list of trips to take!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow what an awesome trip so far. We really want to make that trip too on our way to see the inlaws. But...I want Stunt Man to be just a little older. Gorgeous pictures. Everything is just so beautiful there.

Joyce said...

We lived in Annapolis for 9 years so took lots of houseguests on whirlwind trips to D.C. I love the city...you packed a lot in and I have been there in 100+ degree July weather and its brutal. I can't wait to see Baltimore...you're hitting all of our old stomping grounds : )

fullertribe said...

Your pictures brought back great memories of when we took our kids there 5 years ago in JULY. I agree it's a WONDERFUL place to go but not in July. August & September are the best. DC is still one of our most favorite places to go.


chili pepper said...


Glad to see you all had a great trip and made lots of good memories. It is interesting to see our home from some one else's view point.

Look forward to more.


Denise said...

Great pictures, DC is awesome isn't it :-)

Erin said...

Beautiful pictures, Carol. Jon and I went there right before I got pregnant w/ Adam. We've been wanting to go back so that the boys could experience it.

Diana said...

Enjoyed your pics!! I was there back in the spring, so they all brought back my trip memories, too!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Great post...love having the feeling that I am right there with you on your vaca. You captured some really great shots! Love the one of the kids and the Washington Monument...great perspective! I love DC and yes it is very hot there in the summer. Loved seeing all of those smilies though...looks like a good time.

Shannon said...

So I have been to DC in july before and I know what you mean about the heat but it looks like a great vacation anyway! Georgetown is my absolute favorite! It's such a cute town.

So I left you an award on my blog! Happy Labor Day!


Natasha said...

such awesome memories and photos. Its so great to experience all those places especially at the age when the kids understand. We love DC and can't wait to go again now that the kids are older. The only thing is my kids don't care how long the line is, they plan on standing on the it to get their cupcake. lol.