Wednesday, August 04, 2010

servant's hearts

A servant's heart
Chooses each day to give,
Not knowing this may be
Its last day to live.

A servant's heart
Doesn't stop to ask,
"Will this be for me
A great or small task?"

A servant's heart
Does willingly all things;
For it's pleased to see
All the blessings it brings.

A servant's heart
Is glad and rejoices,
Because it's found the key
In making right choices.

A servant's heart
Knows how to love;
It gives all the glory
To God, the Father, above.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

My girls, along with their friends, Hannah and Megan (not pictured), recently decided to find a way to earn money to give 100% of what they make to the local animal shelter.

Their friend, Maddie, right in the middle of the photo, joined in with her whole heart to make that happen.

Maddie's Mom, Liz, and I decided to have a garage sale several weeks ago in which our girls would operate a lemonade/chocolate chip cookie/homemade swirly crayon stand
to earn as much as they possibly could, with $100 being their goal, by asking garage sale patrons to donate to the cause.

And, boy, were they generous!

My oldest, Braaten, made this sign with poor little Ying as the poster kitty.

What can I say? She's genius!

I wish I had a current photo to show you of Ying. She is growing up to be quite the beautiful little poster kitten.

And then there was the crayon poster. The crayons were made with the Crayola crayon maker. You take broken, or in some cases brand new, crayons, mix them up, and put them in the mold to make brand new crayons that are not nearly as sturdy, but are way more beautiful.

The girls were just sure they would sell out. I'm not mocking them. They just have determined spirits. Liz and I told them we would match dollar for dollar what they make on their collection if sold out completely.

It turns out they didn't sell out, but they sure had fun trying.

3 happy little campers!

Such nice crayons!

Braaten also makes her own greeting cards. She was selling those separately and managed to sell a few.

Liz was showing some love to Lilly.

I am so proud of these entrepeneurial philanthropists.

The total that they made is $58.58

Bray made this sign weeks before the sale.

Hannah and Megan earned $20 from their lemonade stand just a couple of weeks prior to our garage sale weekend.
Grand Total: $78.58

Great job, Braaten, Melanie, Maddie, Hannah, and Megan!
(Props go to Luke, Grant, Cooper, and Austin for their help in this entire venture as well.)


The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Oh my goodness. What a great story! And what beautiful servant hearts!! Love it!!

Joyce said...

That's just so sweet : ) I'm glad it was a big success!

Diana said...

Love this! What life lessons these precious ones are learning.

chili pepper said...

Wow! What a great job the girls did. You are doing a good job yourself to teach them to help others so freely and to come up with such creative ways to do so.



Delchick41 said...

Awwww that is so precious. I'm so glad that little Lily found a great home:) So cute! You're daughters are amazing. Great job. And I'm sure that the animal shelter will greatly appreciated the earnings. Thanks for sharing that wonderful story.

Cheryl M.~ Have a blessed day.