Monday, November 02, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday!

I thought I'd start today with a wrap-up of our weekend. In fact, I like the sound of that so much that I might have to do that on a weekly basis. Warning: There are far too many pictures in this post. Since one of the primary purposes of this blog is to journal what our family is doing, taking bunches of photos is a necessity. (Side note: I recently had my blog made into a book, which I haven't received yet, and I am really excited about getting it). I'm sure I will not regret all of the photos that will be in there. :-)

On Friday night, we did one of our family's favorite things and watched an episode of "Little House on the Prairie". There are 9 seasons and we are on the very last disc of Season 9. Braaten wants to start all over again, but we're thinking we would like to find another wholesome, family show and start afresh.

After that, we put on a home video. The twins were just 2 years old. What handsome, sweet, little boys they were/are. Melanie was 4 and had the cutest little face matched with a sweet little girly voice. Braaten was 6, wore bangs, and had hair down to her bum. Austin was 8 and still had teeth growing in after his baby teeth had fallen out. It was fun to watch.

Cooper, one of the twins, has been drawing guitars and cutting them out. He is fascinated with this and has made 17 of them. I love the way he and Grant draw.

When Shawn was cooking our Saturday morning "big" breakfast, he found two eggs with twin yokes in them. Grant and Cooper each had one and were thrilled with the find. It seems to be a "twin" themed weekend so far.

Shawn and I took some time away to walk Fletch. I grabbed the camera so that I could capture the colors of fall and pictures of things and places we often see. We want to have those memories for when we move back in order to look back fondly on our experiences.

We walk down this street almost daily. It has homes that are worth a million pounds. It's a beautiful, quiet street.

Hydrangeas are one of my FAVORITE flowers.

After we took this picture, Shawn said as if Fletch were saying it, "God, is that You?" because of the beaming sunshine on him.

These next few pictures are in Lymm Village.

I visit Sexton's Bakery often. What can I say? They have nice bread!

Fletch wanted to meet this dog even if he wasn't real.

Our local butcher, Hopkinsons.

Isn't this a great view?

This is the canal that goes through Lymm and travels all the way down to London.

Along the canal, if you make a right, you can go and have some Tetley... not the tea variety.

These canal boats only go 4 mph. It would take a very long time to get down to London.

Although the fall color changes are not as brilliant here as back home, we managed to find some beautiful trees and bushes.

During our walk, we saw many different things, including a kayaker.

I love the stone bridges that we often see.

The Cooperative is a local foodmart that we visit several times during the week.

I love this firey red bush. It's right in our neighborhood.

After our walk, we visited a travel agent to help us plan a weekend getaway to London for all of us. Our friends, Annette, Quentin, and Matthew will be visiting in February, so we wanted to start planning ahead. They definitely want to go to London while they're here. Shawn took Austin golfing at the Lymm Golf Club in the afternoon.

In the evening, we went to church for an event called "Fun for Everyone". We played games like Pictionary and Jenga, ate cake and had tea. It was a blast.

And on Sunday we worshiped the Lord in church, brought our shoe boxes in for "Operation Christmas Child", and then relaxed at home. I was able to do some quilting. I finally watched "Pride and Prejudice" which I have been meaning to watch for a very long time. What a great movie! One of the settings, Mr. Darby's home, takes place at Chatsworth House in the Peak District. I had the pleasure of visiting there in August and it was fun to see it on film and know that I had been there.

My sweet hubby got a migraine after dinner and had to go straight to bed. He is doing much better today.

How were you blessed this weekend?

Happy Monday!!


Joyce said...

Looks like a lovely weekend. You'll be glad you have these pictures : )

Just curious who you did the book thru? I am 'editing' mine right now with Cutest blog on the block...did you include comments or leave out the comments?

SmallWorld at Home said...

What beautiful photos! It all looks so storybook-ish!

petrii said...

This looks like a beautiful weekend (except for the migraine ~~ yuck!!)

Ya'll are so cute.

Have a Blessed week,

Darcie said...

How exciting to have had your blog made into a will have to let us all know how you liked it.

Sounds like you truly had a beautiful and relaxing weekend. Glad to hear your husband is feeling better.

Heart2Heart said...


I love this peaceful post. I relaxed as I read through and looked at each picture like we were taking that walk with you both. You two look amazing!

Love where you live!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Rachel said...

Those are awesome pictures! I love the fallishness everywhere right now.

Oddly enough, I saw my first twin-yolked egg this weekend too - it was Mom's Chicken's first twin production...strange.

Edie said...

Oh I so enjoyed all your photos. I don't know why bloggers apologize for posting photos, I love the glimpse they provide into a persons life.

You're family is beautiful. Fletcher looks like such a sweet dog. I love the one of him looking up to God and checking out the guide dog statue. The canal and the ducks following in the wake of the boat is great! God's creation boasting His Glory all over in these photos.

I found my over here from Kat's blog after reading your comment on halloween. I love what your church did. I wish more churches here, well everywhere, would do the same.

Rich blessings to you!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow Carol! Those pictures could all be puzzles. They are just beautiful. Love the pictures of Fletch..what a handsome doggie. Glad hubs is feeling better. Headaches are no fun.

McCrakensx4 said...

Those are beautiful pics...they all look like postcards! Glad you got the must needed get away if only for an afternoon!

E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, I'm so jealous of the COLORS!!! We don't get those here in Texas. We get green or brown... that's it. ha ha ha

Fletch reminds me of our old boy, Jake. He was SUCH a great dog. I miss him.

Thanks for always offering words of encouragement Carol. I'm loving my daily devotions, by the way!

chili pepper said...

This is a great post. All the places are so beautiful. The colors are beautiful. And I love hydrangea. But the picture of you and your dear husband was my favorite by far! I will say it again. Great post!