Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas market in Manchester & HS Musical 2

I love Christmas!

I love going to see plays and musicals.

And I love bonding in friendship and knitting the relationships within our family.

With those 3 things in mind, last week we went into Manchester to see High School Musical 2 at the Opera House. My friend, Jane, and I each planned to take our two daughters who happen to be great friends and who also love HSM. I truly enjoy getting to know Jane better as we spend more and more time together. She is funny and loves to make fun of my American accent. I give it right back to her with her own British dialect. Accents here vary depending on what part of the country you're from. Jane is from a part that talks funny. LOL (Jane, I hope you read this.)

Since we were going into Manchester, we thought it would be a great opportunity to go to the German Christmas market that’s held there each year. They serve a dish that our family really likes called “raclette”. It’s a Swiss food that consists of potatoes and melted raclette cheese on top with gherkins and pickled onions on the side. I can do without the last two items and feast on the cheese and potatoes alone. But, then again, who couldn't?

Since Shawn loves the Christmas market, with his German heritage and love of sausage, he wanted me to take the boys along and meet him there. After we browsed around, had a bite to eat and some hot chocolate, all of us girls left to go see the musical that drew us to the city to begin with.

These next few photos were taken last year, but can you believe I forgot to blog about it? We bloggers will find a place to put it in eventually, and here is my opportunity... one year later. Since we are talking about blogging now, isn't it difficult when you have like 50 ideas swirling around in your mind to write about, which is overwhelming, that you decide not to write about anything at all? Is it just me, or do you do that, too?

Sorry about the blur...

Striking a pose while waiting for the tram.

Melanie and Braaten

I can see that the raclette is gone and we are sharing a pasta/potato dish.

This santa is huge and really pretty.

Shawn and his little ladies.


This is a giant "pyramid".

And now for the more current photos: here's Meg, Mel, Ames, and Bray.

They had to wait a whole 10 minutes for the show and kept saying, "How many more minutes?"
It was really a great show that even Jane and I enjoyed.


Joyce said...

Mmmm..raclette...we all love it here too. I've had it in France several's hoping they serve it in Strasbourg!

Rachel said...

That looks SOOO amazing! That Santa looks huge!! I wanna come!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my girls would have had such a fun time too. Cute pictures. Everything looks so nice over there and so fun.

Andrea said...

Love the pictures..beautiful. I,too love Christmas.
Blessings, andrea

steffenboysmom said...

Great picnik header! I love it!

Wow, the lights! It looks like it was too much fun! The "pyramid"...did it turn from the heat of the candles? I've seen those, but I forget what they're called.

Darcie said...

Cute header Carol! Love it!

Looks like you had a lovely time. I always have a hundred ideas in my head, or the opposite, NOTHING.

Diana said...

Love the pics!!!

christschild said...

So glad you guys had a good time....I love making memories with my family and friends. It's so neat you live in England...I've always wanted to go, but I'm afraid of flying:( Maybe one day my fear will subside. Have a blessed day.

Jules said...

That looks amazing. I bet that Santa is so cool in real life. Pictures never look as good as the real thing.

Cottage on the Hill said...

You have a beautiful family! Thank you for stopping by my blog and the wonderful comments you left. To answer your I don't have a pattern for the purse. I just kinda winged it. But I have seen some very nice patterns from McCalls.
Have a Blessed Christmas!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

How fun!
I love coming by your blog and living a european life through you..LOL!

Love the new template and family pic too. So cute!

chili pepper said...

I know I read this one... don't see a comment.

I love to do this kind of thing... visiting Christmas displays and anything festive. The giant windmill/pyramid... whatever you call it... was lovely. Here I sit and how sad to think the holiday season is coming to a close :(