Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Dryer Saga Continues...

Not really, but for blogging purposes, that title sounded good.

See this pile of stuff? Where do you think that was? I guess the title kind of gives it away.

We just returned from Barcelona, which was a wonderful trip and I'll tell you about it in a day or two, to empty out suitcases for all 7 of us leaving me with the never ending task of Mt. Washmore. (All you Flylady fans will get that!) We were all in 4 different places at one time, which means loads and loads of laundry to contend with upon our return. Not to mention there was alot some waiting to be done before we ever left because my old dryer was out of commission.

Lo and behold, my new dryer shows up today. I was expecting it this morning, but it arrived early afternoon. No problem. I went to operate what looked like would be somewhat complicated due to all the new settings I would soon get to know all too well, when the dryer just would not turn on. It turns out that socket behind the dryer no longer works. I think the old dryer blew it out. Now we need to get that fixed.

I plugged it into an outlet above the countertop. If you look closely, you'll see it. Go ahead, take a peek.

Click on this baby to see all of the new settings.

Oh, what about the first picture of that pile of stuff? That was what came out of the very first load that I dried today. Apparently one of the kiddos had a pack of Wrigley's Spearmint in their pocket. I have no time to check all pockets. Do you do that? Just curious.

My quest will continue for at least two more days. And you know full well, that new clothes are getting dirty as I sit here and type.

I'm just thankful I have a new dryer! Sheesh, it's hard to have a washer or dryer go bad on you, isn't it? By the way, I visited that laundromat twice that day. I have this thing about wanting all of our wash done, and the house spotless before I go on a trip.

And now, totally off the subject of laundry, here is the table as I set it tonight with the help of one of the twins, Grant. Since Thanksgiving is not celebrated here and my neighbors probably think I'm weird with pumpkins out in November, I decided to bring them in. Afterall, we will celebrate Thanksgiving a few days after the official holiday since my sweet hubs will be working on that Thursday.

I love all of the bright colors.


Heart2Heart said...


Oh happy days are ringing in your home, with no more trips to the Laundry Mat and a new dryer just ready for all kinds of things. I try to check pockets but you know things show up in there anyway. Not sure where kids stash stuff but I know it couldn't have hopped on in there by itself.

I too keep pumpkins out til past Thanksgiving much like my Christmas stuff stays out past New Years. It's all about enjoy the seasons!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

He & Me + 3 said...

Yeah for the new dryer. I do not check pockets and it has cost us some nice pieces of clothing...no time.
I love your table setting! Cute
I too have to have a clean house when I leave for a trip...because when I get back I don't want to have anything to deal with but the suitcases.

christschild said...

My laundry has been like that...my washer went out one time. I don't have time to check the pockets either:) I usually hear it banging around in the dryer and have to fish it out...whatever it may be. Glad you got a new dryer:)

Joyce said...

I generally do check pockets but it seems if I don't that is the one time someone has left a tissue in there...they shred into a billion trillion gazillion pieces.

Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

fullertribe said...

I too do NOT look in pockets. Most times it works in my favor, I've been paid very well for doing laundry. Rule in our house is if it's found in the washer or dryer not in a pocket it's the person that is doing laundry's money.