Saturday, April 18, 2009

You're Gonna Miss This Moment - The Easter Egg Hunt



Every year, like most families, we color Easter eggs and then hide them outside. The kids get all excited, run as fast as they can, and get their said amount of eggs. If you let them go hog wild, the older kids will surely find more than the younger which is why we have to give them a set amount. This year it was 3. Is that lame? Anyway, that's so not the point of the post.

I am really going to miss doing these traditional things someday. Shawn usually gets all prepared with the Paas coloring kit and, in some cases, colors the eggs without me. Such was the case this year, when I was blogging about our recent travel adventures with our friends. Austin, our 13 year old, also didn't participate, maybe because he is a little older now. I think he was glued to my computer screen alongside me. 

Cooper, Melanie, and Grant coloring the eggs.

My friend, Sarah, got some serious kid hugs that evening, since she was leaving the next morning.

Come to think of it, Braaten was playing solitaire with Sarah's daughter, Sydney. Is she getting too old as well? She's 11! 

After church, the hunt was on!



Melanie and Cooper racing for the first egg.

Braaten (not too old to find them) :-)

Austin (also not too old to find them) tee-hee!

This was the last egg of the bunch.

The kids were wondering what their prizes were. Shawn had written a small monetary amount on each one. The big prize was £5 (that's equivalent to about $7.50) and Cooper found it.

To share which moments you will miss someday with your kids, visit Pam at "You're Gonna Miss This Moment". 


McCrakensx4 said...

So much fun...this was my You're Gonna Miss This today too! It's so much fun and I am really gonna miss it when they think they are too old for Easter eggs! Love you new header pic too, BTW!

He And Me + 3 said...

So much fun dying the eggs, but I love the Egg hunt part. Very creative and very fun. They will never outgrow finding eggs for ca$h. LOL I will miss it when mine outgrow this too.

Carrie said...

What fun pictures! The kids are adorable and the eggs look great!

Looks like hunting eggs will always be a great thing for all the kids to be a part of! What a wonderful moment :)

{I have the same blog design...I thought I was still on my own blog! LOL! It's so pretty and spring-like!}

mama's smitten said...

What a great hunt! You have a beuatiful family.

Pam said...

well ours only had candy in them, and no one was too old to find them!! LOL!! great post! love the pictures!

steffenboysmom said...

Did I see a Michigan shirt?

Cool colorful pics. Loads of fun, fun!!

Rachel said...

That's so awesome! I'm bummed that we didn't get to do that this year. NEXT YEAR - no matter what it takes! I can't wait!