Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't laugh!

Is it me? or am I the only one that has just started texting? Yeah, that's what I thought. It's just me. 

When I moved here, my sweet hubby brought home a pink "pay as you go" phone. I like pink! That worked for me since I knew no one anyway. Who would I be calling? I used my land line to call friends and family and the cell phone was mainly for emergencies or for when I got lost in the English countryside. 

As I started to make friends (ok, so I have 3 friends now! lol), they would text me. I quietly thought, it's much easier to just call me. I would, however, begrudgingly text back. I did it in that manner because I did NOT know how to set up the format to type the letters I wanted to. In other words, words I wasn't even thinking of would pop up and I had to learn how to type exactly what I wanted to say. It was so ridiculous how loooonnnggg it would take to txt 4 or 5 words. I know my one friend in particular was getting frustrated with my non-prowess in texting. 

Magically, one day my cell phone was reformatted for me to start typing in the exact letters that I was pressing on. (Read: the kids were playing with my phone and changed it on me). It actually worked! I started to reply at a more rapid rate and even initiated some of them. Wow!! My friend was getting impressed at my newfound knowledge and desire to send messages. 

Here's the kicker... I love sending and receiving little love notes to and from my hubby. Yay! And it is way more convenient to communicate with your friends that way. I feel so free now! 

Now, if I could only Twitter. I'll accept any help you can give me.  


MiMi said...

Hi Carol,

I'm glad that someone was able to reformat your phone because that really is annoying when the phone tries to autocomplete your words for you. We text a lot in our family and jokingly say we never talk to each other anymore!

I am so glad to hear that you found canned salmon in England. I hope your family enjoys the Salmon Croquettes.

And you're right, the roasted chicken gives some extra flavor to the enchiladas and is so convenient when you're trying to save some time (-:

Have a blessed day!

Joyce said...

I haven't gotten into twitter yet...trying to decide if I want that level of detail out there. But, I am all about the texting and my husband and I have running conversations throughout the day by text. I love it.

Laughing at the kids with your phone...if mine ever borrowed mine they for some reason felt they needed to change my ringtone. Then we'd be out somewhere and it would just ring and ring and ring and I'd be oblivious.

With the girls away at school I have to say that certain electronics in my house don't operate because I need the teenagers in the house to help me make that happen. I call them my IT support. They call me pitiful : )

If you think of me tomorrow I'd appreciate it...I'm meeting my hubs in France and am driving the car over, (taking the chunnel train). I'm following friends so hopefully it will be uneventful.

Have a great day!

SmallWorld at Home said...

I went from total non-cell phone use to the whole shebang last fall! I am now an avid texter. I find that it is less interruptive than a phone call, much like email. And I do feel in better touch with my husband! As for twitter, I finally joined yesterday. I have no idea why.

He And Me + 3 said...

I still do not text and I still do not twitter. I know I am way behind...but I do have a blog. LOL

E @ Scottsville said...

I don't text much ---- cuz, like you apparantly, I don't have that many friends. ha ha ha

I have a few, and we go for a while with no texts, and then its BOMBARDMENT on a subject, and then it dies off again for days at a time. =0)

steffenboysmom said...

Not laughing at you at all! My sis gets tired of my piddly little pay as I go phone too.

I found out that I can text my hubby's phone from my computer and save me time taken from my phone. How coool is that?!

Pam said...

I've fallen in love with texting! i've fallen in love with twitter! what you want to know! i'll help if i can!!!

Kim... and Her Coffee said...

I was horrible at texting, so my hubby got me an iPhone to make it easy.... now, I love the convenience of it when phone calls aren't possible (like you said when hubby is at work or whatever, it's fun to give quick love notes). I also enjoy Twitter.... it's fun to hear from other bloggers and what's going on in their days..... So, jump on and try it! Typically no one shares real deep stuff. More just meant to be fun. Have a super day!!!!

petrii said...

I am not very good at texting. Apparently I need my phone reformatted ~~ do you have a spare child you'd like to fly to MO to help me out with that? =) (heehee)

Oh you should Twitter. I heart Twitter. It is so much fun.

Have a Blessed day,

Rachel said...

Isn't it AWESOME?? Me and my hubby have been communicating throughout the day like this since (don't get sick here) we were dating and I was a teenager!! Everytime I talk to a non-texter, I try to tell them what they're missing out on!!