Saturday, April 04, 2009

OK, I couldn't resist...

I had to show you the rest of the pictures of Stonehenge. We had 3 adventure-filled days that we planned to see many places that people all over the world travel to see. Our trip started here. What we saw was...


Awe-inspiring, &


I hope you'll stick around for the coming days to catch a glimpse of all that we saw. It was a blessing to be given the opportunity.

After taking our Enlish driving "theory" test, we packed up a van and a car to head down to Southwestern England from the Manchester area with our friends, Sarah and Sydney. By the way, Shawn and I both passed the test. In a few short weeks we'll have to take the actual driving test. Funny thing is, we've been driving here for almost a year already!

Back to the pictures. How cool is the sun over those massive stones? 

Shawn thought it would be neat to build a human version.

They are all in awe.

Shawn and Sydney
Sarah and I


Cooper was running towards Stonehenge in all of his excitement to see it for the first time.


Just having a good ole time snapping all kinds of pictures.

What do you think? Is this a place you would like to see? Come and see us and we'll take you there. :-) 

Tune in tomorrow... there's a lot more to see.


Pam said...

sign me up for a tour for sure!! :) Id love to see that!! i am amazed, impressed, and awed! can't wait to see more!

McCrakensx4 said...

What an amazing place; would love to see it in person! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see the rest of your vaca!

julie l said...

AWESOME pictures!! Have you sent in a STELLAN picture from Enland yet? Hope you are having a great time with friends. julie

Joyce said...

Great pictures. I can't wait to see yours from Durdle Door and London. I'm so glad you all had a fun trip and that you had such awesome weather.

Enjoy the rest of your visit with your company and I'll drop you a note this week.

Rachel said...

I love the manmade Stonehenge.

What amazing memories for your kids to actually have pictures of themselves in front of Stonehenge!! I am truly in awe of your vacation.