Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sentimental Ornaments & Christmas Decorations

I love this time of year! Whenever it's time to pull out all the many Christmas boxes, it never fails to bring back sweet memories of the past. Sometimes it can be a little painful, too, if you've lost a loved one or there is some kind of past hurt.

I want to focus on all the goodness that Christmas brings by sharing some of my most cherished ornaments and places in our home that bring a smile to my face. I hope it brings some joy to you as well. 

Here are Mom and Dad. They both passed away in the summer of 2004 exactly one month apart (6/24 & 7/24). That was awful! My sister, Tracey, found a place that makes these ornaments and made one for each one of us, her 4 sisters and brother. Knowing her generous, giving heart, she also made one for my cousin and my Aunt Judy. 

It means a lot to me to have it on our tree each year. 

On a lighter note, these are the nutcrackers I like to collect. I haven't seen any in England, unfortunately, to add to my collection. Just wait 'til I get back, I'm gettin' one for each year I am here. :-)

My sweet sister, Cindy, sent this one to us just last week. We loved receiving her package to find this adorable Santa and a gift for each of our children. He sits on the left side of our fireplace.

I found this tree at Hobby Lobby last year, one of my favorite stores.

Would you like to join me in a cup of tea?

This nativity scene is by Jim Shore. I have some of his other pieces as well. Since I'm a quilter, I especially love it because of all the patterns on each figure.

Braaten and Melanie did a fantastic job decorating this table in the living room.

Here is another "Jim Shore" collectible. 

Braaten picked this ornament out at Cracker Barrel when we were in Michigan last month.
We let each of our children pick one new ornament a year.

I may have posted this one already. Each stocking has our picture on it. I forgot to update our pictures this year.

Such a sweet little nativity. 

Braaten loves horses. I found this in the "Current" catalog last year.

Each year a few friends and I give each other an "Aunty Bag". It's filled with all kinds of goodies like Christmas socks, favorite coffee, picture frames, snowmen, coffee mugs, Lindt chocolate, etc. While I was home, they surprised me with Aunty Bags. Because they were so generous, I can't exactly remember who gave me this special ornament. I think it was Lizzy. 

Christmas is all about hope because of Jesus' birth and eventual death on the cross. He came for you and for me. I am entirely grateful that he drew me to himself when I was 26 and has forever changed me. 

Merry Christmas! Love you all!

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